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Cute Little Carlee . Performer Blog

       Slutting It Up!

Daddy loves it when I put on my nylon stockings and dress like his little princess whore. I curl my toes around his cock and start jerking him so hard! He tells me all the time I'm a far better fuck than mommy. I love being his precious cunt.

       Little Slut

I have always been a hot little slut in daddy's eyes. He really likes it when I help train my little sisters. One day, I know we are all going to have an orgy when mommy isn't home. He told me himself if I kept up the good work, I could wear a strapon and help fuck them too!

       Slut Hole

So Daddy really likes it when I shop at Victoria's Secret because he knows I'm going to model all of my new buys for him. From sexy corsets, to itty bitty thongs, he can't get enough! I think he gets really wet and will cum in his pants... he just has that high of a sex drive! Which is why I know I will always get a fucking afterwards!

       Good Girl

Daddy, I'm always going to be there for you! I'm your good girl. I listen to you and obey your wishes like a good little slut. I really want to show you how well you trained me to be the ultimate cock slut!

       Horny Again

I guess you can't blame me. I have such a high sex drive, most guys can't handle my sweet pussy... well... expect one man. My Daddy! He's always down to fuck, which I love because I need to be filled up so badly!

       Daddy's Fuck Whore

I love it when daddy tells me what a good little fuck whore I am! I bet mommy would be so jealous if she knew all of the special things daddy and I do together. We just love to fuck!

       Aching Pussy

Daddy finally came home from a long trip, and I'm so excited to be back in his arms! When he hugs me, I can feel his erection pressing against my tight little shorts. I can't help but make a mess in them with my pussy juices! I'm such a little slut and daddy knows I'll be extra feisty tonight since he's been away!

       Little Tight Holes

Oh are you looking at my tight little body? Daddy does too, but he's not around today. I'm sure you can fuck me just as hard though! He likes it when I get my little sisters involved, so I hope you do too! I love teaching them how to be trained whores!

       Cum Dump

Daddy, I know you are dying to fuck me. I can feel your cock twitching for my young cunt across the room. We have the whole house to ourselves. No mommy, no older brothers, just you and me getting nasty together. I love to blow cum bubbles daddy when you shoot your load in my mouth!

       Horny For Some Older Cock!

Daddy is away, but my pussy still wants to play! I know my younger sister loves to join as well. She's as much of a slut as I am! There has to be some horny older daddy out there who wants to fuck both of our eager holes!

       Daddy's Dick

I really wanted this new pair of cute slutty heels, but daddy said I couldn't have them! I knew it was time to change his mind... so I unzipped his pants and started using my mouth to play with his cock. It didn't stay flaccid for long! I got my new heels and a big load of cum down my throat!


Hey daddy! I know you wanna play dirty with my younger sisters and I! I love it when mommy isn't home and you make us scream with that big fat daddy cock! It hurts when you fuck us raw, but we love to please you daddy and we know you will tell mommy we were bad for you if we don't let you give us that special fucking!

       Daddy and Me

Daddy and me love to play together! When momma isn't home, we get extra nasty! Daddy teaches me how to suck his cock just like mommy! He even tells me I'm better than mommy a lot! It makes me proud to be daddy's whore! I hope daddy fucks me while I sleep tonight!