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       Never Underestimate the Value of Phone Sex as Therapy

Cum Dominate Me ~
Let's take an Erotic Journey ~ with YOU in the Lead!

       Never Underestimate the Value of Phone Sex as Therapy


Phone Bone with Randi ~ Phone Therapist ~ Phone Whore


       Never Underestimate the Value of Phone Sex as Therapy

Hi, I'm Randi, the Sex Therapist ~ the CumPlayTherapist!

Your orgasm is important to you ~ and to me!

My passion is to fulfill the needs, wishes, and desires of all who call me.

Imagination is Greater than Knowledge. I believe that ~ but experience brings both greater knowledge and greater imagination! So let this mature woman bring everything she has to your phone sex encounter!

I place a high value on collaborating in this journey, in providing a real presence for our connection.

Erotic Educator, Sex Therapy, Masturbation Coaching, Confessions, Casual Talk, Sex Talk, Life Coaching, Gifted Phone Sex Operator, Addictions, Perversions. Anything you can think of that really gets you going and you want to tell me about it, that is why I am here. I will listen to you, help you through your most intimate desires and fantasies.

With age comes experience & wisdom. Let me share mine with you to help you fulfill your desires!

With So Much Pleasure,

       Never Underestimate the Value of Phone Sex as Therapy

Phone sex is a release ~ Phone sex is a fulfillment ~ Phone sex is a pleasure ~ Phone sex is a tease ~ Phone sex is a fantasy ~ Phone sex is a memory ~ Phone sex is a vision ~ Phone sex is a ride ~ Phone sex is a romance ~ Phone sex is an explosion ~ Phone sex is an adventure ~ Phone sex is an exploration ~ Phone sex is an awakening ~ Phone sex is nasty ~ Phone sex is intimate ~ Phone sex is orgasmic ~ Phone sex makes you ooze ~ Phone sex makes you shoot ~ Phone sex will lift your mood ~ Phone sex will open your mind ~ Phone sex heals ~ Phone sex will boost your sex drive ~ Phone sex will broaden your horizons ~ Phone sex will stroke your ego ~ Phone sex will challenge your boundaries ~ Phone sex will amp your people skills ~ Phone sex will liberate your passions!