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       Call Package: THE ULTIMATE PEDO PLAY!!!!

if you are reading this coming from my call package page, Link to call package "THE ULTIMATE PEDO PLAY"

you're at the right spot, I apologize for the redirection, However I wanted to try out this theme package with different scenes. However you are only given the scenes main idea, when the scene ends with ......... I'M ON! well, our phone sex chat, Im giving you rest of the story, while I add some VERY REAL sound effects, from my vibrator rubbing around my clit.....
:) the idea is to give you a mental visual of the scene. By adding in specific details to the chosen scene before the call makes for a perfect story, and good stories make for AMAZING orgasms, Which is my goal of course! To please you......Please read the next 2 paragraphs: info on detailing a scene to your own sexual preference, how to schedule a call for later on the same day, even the next day or night......

*** after choosing a scene. Please send me your choice in a message along with specifics like the " young sexual object" looks, her reaction. any details that really get you off. The more details we add to the scene the more I have to work with to make sure you cum baby...;) && to make ME SQUIRT!

Ultimate Pedo Play: I know you have a dirty mind, but mine will get you hot and get you off!

Scenario #1: The pedo, The Fill, The Accomplice"
A very attractive and wealthy The sexual Sinners obsessively fondle each other into bathrooms and corners of public places This night while at a friends home for a social event. The couple find what seems to be an empty room, kissing,and breathing hard,they come to a slow but not a stop. They realize they have an audience, a beautiful innocent little girl, with the look of curiosity and enjoyment...she knew one thing it felt really good. a little embarrassed but she smiled at them anyway. She was gorgeous, blonde ringlets, blue eyes, and a little pink tank top dress white tights and light pink lips.He wanted her, as did his accomplice one look at him and she knew what he was thinking .......

#2" But I'm a cheerleader, I'myour Babysitter"
A slutty sex crazed teenage pedo is sitting for her friends little sister. they spend the day at the little girls cheer competition.The sitter causally looks at all of the girls doing their dance, She see's the little girl she's looking after, in a stunt. Shes thrown up and spread eagles down, She thinks how smooth her legs must be, her inner thighs looked so sweet, she thought of caressing them with the tips of her lips slowing giving more and more then with her tongue massaging up and down. . she didn't realize she wasn't blinking, she was holding her breath, and she was getting wet.
Once home, she tells her sitting she was to remind her to supervise her while she showered. She started ripping off her cute cheer uniform piece by piece, no shame about her body like an older girl would be.. her skin complexion smooth like glass, the sitter took her hair out of her ponytail slowly....she could feel her pussy getting wet, She had been thinking of this all day......

"Pedo's Princesses"
Pedo father has fantasy's of his young daughter, he watches as she bathes from the mirror, with his back to her she doesn't realize how
he stares at her so pretty soft and smooth. He goes to bed telling her to finish up and get to bed too. Waiting in bed is he girlfriend wearing nothing but a black lace bra and black lace thong, with sexy black stilettos. Already hard and horny, rips off her bra and thong. knowing that turns her on. He turns her over hard and starts to be dominate over her, but slows down as he closes his eyes, gentle from every touch to every kiss from his lips to her body. His girlfriend is overwhelmed with pleasure she feels lips over every inch. Closing her eyes she starts to fantasize about his daughter, showing her how good it feels to have lips on your body, and they feel even better on her vagina. She doesn't realize that she's not the only one with this fantasy about his daughter. distracted in a moment of sexual heat, he utters his daughters name midway though his voice is softer, realizing what he just said could cause trouble, she looked into his eyes, smiling dragging her fingers down his back, she whispers to him.....

**REPEATED: choose one, message me your choice along with details you want to add that turn you on. (EX: Blondes, No undies) if im online taking calls you can choose to call then or schedule an appointment with me I have a scheduler for Sincats clients only! so if you need it for later on that day.. or maybe.even 11:30pm the next night!No matter This is for my clients.... new and taboo for a performer lets try it!
I schedule appointments for all clients who just request it, We work out a time that fits around both our schedules.

And for all of you who use the ULTIMATE PEDO PACK please leave positive feedback where other potential callers can see, any concerns or improvement