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Maxie XXX Performer Blog

       Naughty bus ride

So sometimes I take the bus around town. Not that I need to but to tease guys!

I put on a short skirt an slightly see-through top and NO panties. I like to sit across from different guys and part my legs just a bit to give them a glimpse of my hoy, little pussy.

I love the reactions I get! Some guys look but try to be nonchalant, some just can't quit staring and others say something.

Today was different though. I sat across from a guy who was definitely still in high school. I watched his teen cock get hard so I spread even wider for him. He was trying to cover his erection and when he couldn't he just leaned towards me and said: "can I fuck you?"

Well seeing how big that cock was, there was no hesitation at all. I just blurted out "YES".

We were closer to his house than mine so we went there and spent several hours fucking, sucking and fucking some more.

       Boyfriends birthday present

I was wanting to force my younger sister to suck my boyfriend's cock.
I want to give him a raunchy B-day present and using my little sister for that seems perfect!. We can tie her down and he can force his cock down her throat until she throws up then he can jerk off on her face. I want to keep her tied up all day so he can use her over and over!

       Sitting on daddy's face

My favorite place to be! Sitting on daddy's face is so hot! I love when daddy'swarm tongue slides in and out of my tight, pink pussy and when daddy licks my little butthole, it sends me over the edge!

Daddy isn't home today so why don't you have me sit on your face!