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Velvet Rose Performer Blog

       Hello all you Dirty Fucks

My name is Velvet, You could say I also feel good to touch lol! ;) This is my first of many posts to come... I hope by me sharing my inner thoughts and secrets with you all dirty night owls that it will not only get you hard but it will also bring us closer together ;) I know that you wouldn't be able to tell just by looking at me but don't let this baby doll face fool you, I'm as freaky as they come. The face of Innocence is an illusion, boys...I can certainly tell you that. More times than not I've scared a lot of people away for taking things too far in the bedroom... You'd think that more people would appreciate having a girl who was so eager to try something new, even if it wasn't the most orthodox. But why just have Vanilla when there's so many other flavors? lol you know what I mean. I need to let out all of this sexual rage that's been swelling inside my quivering pussy... So that is why I'm here! ;) we all should be able to talk about our most twisted urges... I'm ready to hear what you have to say and relieve you of those sexual burdens so your balls don't have too. So whose to say that our most fiery, erotic fantasies can't become a reality ;) I can make you feel ecstasy your pulsating cocks never even knew existed... show you what it really means sink your teeth into carnal indulgence. MEOW lol ;) The future has a lot in store for us you horny bastards, and I can hardly contain my excitement. Just remember, I'm always up late ;) Give me a call, you wont forget it. XOXO, Velvet