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Sienna Page The Pedo Coach Performer Blog

       Lessons in becoming a real pedo

It takes one to know one, and I know from both sides. My daddy taught me how to take his cock, giving me a choice about where I wanted him to cum: in my mouth, in my little pink pussy or in my ass. Whatever I chose he always began the same way. He pulled down my little panties and put me across his knee letting his big cock rest on my little bald pussy. He played with my clit and fingered my little hole. "Good girl," he'd always say.
Then he spanked my bottom until it was pink. He made me spread my legs still over his lap...I had to open wide enough for his hand to stroke me until I took to his cock. He moved me back and forth over it while fingering my ass, if I was bad. He put the head of his cock over my little hole and pushed it in...he'd take it out and make me suck head until he was real big.
That's when he mounted me like a dog and pushed his big cock into my pussy hole...until cum dripped out.
that was the time we were discovered by one of his pedo buddies and wanted to put my pussy on his face and eat me and all of daddy's cream pie, and then I knew from then on how to train pedos
plenty more details of course.