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       Milf sex

My son has a lot of teenage friends that I watched grow into hot young men. Well, he has this one friend who comes over and fucks me a lot. He is one of these teenagers who love to fuck a kinky MILF! He tells me the stories of all his friend’s mothers he has fucked. And he says my cunt is the juiciest out of all the mommy cunts. He is a young and buff teenager and watching him grow over the years has made our fuck time so much more special. His long fucking cock is off the wall for someone his age. He fucks real fast and can actually last longer than the average teenager. But that really doesn’t matter just like the typical teenager he can get his shit right back up again.


The car ride was quiet as I watched you constantly watching our prey in the backseat through the rear-view mirror. It was very obvious you were turned on. We arrived and you carried her limp body down to our special place, it will be weird sharing it with this strange whore. You laid her on the worn down mattress, and I went to work tying up her arms and legs to the surrounding poles. She was spread wide open for you, as your tore away her clothes. I fetched a bucket of cold water and threw it on top of her. She woke with a shriek, that made your body quiver. Trying to remain calm she begged and pleaded to be let go. You laughed as you teased her cunt with your fingers. You quickly grew tired of her noise and ordered me to sit on her face. It was a strange but powerful feeling smothering her screams with my pussy. A part of me really like it. You began to fuck her hard, enjoying her body struggling under the both of us.

       ohone sex with a p-mommy

Mom phone sex anyone? I love playing mommy for my callers. I love playing mommy for my friend’s sons too, even my sons’ friends. I am a sexy milf, every teen boy I meet becomes easily infatuation with me. It’s my tits and curvy body. I know why boys like me. My husband was one such boy. Every time I would visit my best friend her horny teen son was hitting on me. I am no saint. I can’t resist the charms of young boys forever. I know the risk, but a young boy never tells when he is getting himself some wet mommy pussy because he wants to keep getting that mature pussy. I never thought I would marry a young guy, but my husband was no ordinary 18-year-old when I married him. He was a Doogie Howser genius; so smart he was in college when most boys his age were still in high school. I couldn’t get enough of him and the feeling was mutual. Turned out he was a nasty freak too. I could say I rubbed off on him, but I think he was always wise behind his years. He likes mature women, taboo sex, and younger girls. He was my soul mate. We have a great P family now. I love sharing our daughter with him. I also love watching him share our baby girl with his friends. He is the youngest partner at his law firm, so he has quite a few mentors with a penchant for young pussy. We discussed it first and decided our baby girl needed to experience other cocks. Last night was her first time with another man. A senior partner at daddy’s law firm with a lifelong dream of fucking a young girl. Now, my daughter is not a virgin, but because of her age, she is super tight! This mommy whore loved watching every moment of it too.

       Traning my littles

The absolute best part of being a mommy is all the quality time I get to spend with my little ones teaching them all skills they need in life. Especially the naughty skills… those are the most fun! Who wouldn’t enjoy watching them suck their first cock or get their little pussies licked for the first time? Definitely not me, nothing turns me on more than watching a man do filthy things to my little ones! I will be there for every moment of fun too, helping you undress them and spreading those little legs wide open so you can get that big daddy dick up where it belongs. You can bet that I will be having them do all kinds of filthy things to me as well, I can’t just sit back and watch, I get way too excited for that! I also love being YOUR mommy too so don’t be afraid to ask me to teach you any perverted thing you’ve been thinking of sweety, Mommy is here for you no matter what because I am the kinkiest mommy around.Trust me, no matter what kind of mommy phone sex fantasy you have, this mommy right here can make it come alive for you!


Are you a mommies boy? Do you fantasize about mommy? Well, this mommy will please your cock anyway you need it! I am a no limits mommy, who is just as twisted as you are.


Are you a mommies boy? Do you fantasize about mommy? Well, this mommy will please your cock anyway you need it! I am a no limits mommy, who is just as twisted as you are.

       I know what you want

Have you been sniffing those lil panties, does it make your Daddy cock rock hard? I have several littles that you can go even farther with, do as you please. I will even help you fill their lil holes with your big, hard man cock. Call me and we can get down to your cocks desires..

       Only 3 days left to get your Blow out price

Yes, 4 day weekend blow out on my call packages message me and I will give you the details. You won't want to miss out, best deals here..So hot I can't post details in public view...

       Mondays suck

So, Mondays suck, but I can help you with your perversions. My littles are always ready for your bug daddy cocks. Lets put them to use.

       Mothers Day

I enjoy bring the Mommy that I am, a set of twin girls, we share everything, and I do mean everything.. Most of you already know how we play, if not connect with me and you can play with us too!



       Your fantasies

Have you found yourself being attracted to way younger girl,thinking about their bald little cunnies? Violating their tight little perfect holes, Me too, we have the same thing on our minds,call me and we can chat about all of the possibilities....

       My incest runs deep

Incest runs deep in my family, My daddy and mommy always played with us,my brothers and sisters all played with each other..So we can chat about anything and everything....



       What I saw

Well, I was out walking my little dog today. What did I see a group of cute littles at the park, boy did I want to bring them home to you...

       mommy's tendencies

mommy can make her littles ready for that man cock. she loves to hold them down and watch how you use them for your pleasure...cum play with us... I always have an abundance of littles at our disposile...also love role-play,accomplice,rape,snuff,kidnapping...anything goes with me,no limits and no judgement...

       I know what you crave

Do you have those dirty little dark secrets like me? I always think of violating those bald lil cunnys! I know you do, too!!! We should gey together and share our desires for the dark side of taboo!!! I want to help you get off on your desires!!!!

       I am ready for you

We go pick up the little of your choice, and we bring her home..Isn't she beautiful, just knowing the things we can and are going to do, turns me on just as much as it does you!!!!!!!!!!!

       Get to know me, my dark thoughts

I crave the depraved, violating littles, just like you... Why wait to call me, we can violate all of the littles you want, rape, torture, snuff anything goes with me, extremely ready to play with no limits!!!!!!!!!!!

       My thoughts

Ready for your delicious dark depraved fantasies, fetishes, and perversions.. No Limits... Lets kidnap, rape, torture these littles... Anything you want the sky is the limit.. Call me.... Do you need mommy to take care of you? Does your sister need to take your cock, whatever the case may be, I am here