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       Cold Calls

". . . Well, sir if you'll let me explain why our service is far better then the one you . . . sir? . . . Sir? Aww fuck it." Shelly slammed the phone down. She hated when they hung up on her. She was just trying to make a living, they didn't have to be rude.

She hated cold calling. She hated calling up people and trying to set up appointments but, it was sposed to be easy money. Easy. . .ya right. The only benefit was that she could work from home and that was it. Without a car, an office job was nearly impossible to get to on public transit each day so she was sorta stuck with what she could get.

She looked at the list again and read the names. There was a Marco Dubois.. . he sounded exotic. She giggled. She had a thing for men with accents. She smiled and dialed the number.

Sure enough, he answered in a very sexy foreign accent, French she was pretty sure. She felt herself getting a little flush at the sound of his rich accent. She started into her sales pitch and he politely declined. She smiled to herself and allowed a brief fantasy of a French gentleman. . .allowing her mind to build a perfect man around the voice.

Without realizing it, she made small talk for a few seconds, just wanting to savor his sound a little more. When finally he told her he had to go, she thanked him for his time and hung up, feeling more revitalized now.

She noticed the room seemed a little hotter now. She giggled and felt her nipples were stiff against her lacey black bra. She knew if she was to wiggle a bit she'd find her pussy was also a little wet. God she loved men with accents. She read down the list until she found another name that sounded exotic and dialed that number next.

As she let the phone ring, she let a finger play across her neck and down to the edge of her pink blouse, pushing it back slightly to play with the beginning swell of her breast. She lost herself in the feeling for a moment until a rich voice answered the phone. . .dripping with delicious European accent.

She gave her sales pitch a try, it seemed to flow from her fluidly now. She was somewhere else though. Her mind on a face to face meeting, as she spoke, he devoured her body with his eyes, imagining her nude giving her sales pitch. Her fingers pushed back her blouse more and she reached in, as she gave her sales pitch he reached up and caressed her breasts.

He politely declined as well and she got off the phone with him after thanking him for his time. Scanning the list she dialed another number and the fantasy was back on. She spread her legs as she gave her sales pitch, enjoying the growing wetness of her arousal. Feeling her panties getting wet, knowing he was wanting her. When he declined and they hung up, she frantically searched for a new name.

As she dialed the next number, she pulled off her pretty pink blouse. The room was so hot, she wanted to be more comfortable. He answered and she stood before him, allowing him to touch her inner thigh as she spoke to him. He listened to the whole sales pitch before declining but, not before pulling her panties to the side and feeling how wet she was.

Pulling off her bra and panties, she tossed them away and searched for another name. As her eyes glanced down the list, she played with her hard nipples, perfect gumdrop nipples that ached to be sucked and pulled. She let her hand rub her clit, feeling how wet she was. She moaned an slid a finger into her pussy and wiggled it as she searched, frantic to find a name so she could finish her fantasy.

Finding one she dialed it and in her haste dialed it wrong. Hanging up she calmed herself enough to dial it again. He answered and now she really wanted the sale. Spreading her legs, she played with her pussy for him to watch as she gave her sales pitch. He wanted her, she could see his cock growing hard in his pants. She let two fingers slide into her slit and then enter her pussy

He listened to the whole pitch and asked her questions. She answered him and fucked herself, shifting her hips so her could see how wet her pussy was, so he could see her fingers sliding in and out of herself. He asked more questions and she knew she was going to cum for him.
As they talked, she bit her lip and her body trembled. She felt the wave of an orgasm washing over her and fought to hear what he was saying. Her hands froze, her pussy clenched around her fingers and she moaned softly, holding the mouth piece away from her face hopefully far enough that he didn't hear her.
Yes,. . . .he wanted to set an appointment. He was very excited about it. She shook and tried to catch her breath. He was very intrigued with her sales pitch. His accent seemed to wrap itself around her. Feeling her cum dripping down her ass she finally exhaled and was able to breath again.
Yes. . .yes. . .he was very interested. How could he not be, she was obviously very excited about the product and that sort of devotion was hard to find these days. It told him a lot about how much she believed in it. Shelly smiled. She played with herself as she listened to him and then wrote down his information. She thanked him for his time and the chance to send someone out to show him how great their service was. She was still shaking with after shocks when she hung up the phone.
Maybe this wasn't such a bad job after all. . .

       Car Wash Hustle

“You folks are welcome to come inside out of the heat while your car goes through.” The pimply faced attendant said with a goofy grin. Ginny and Carl just smiled and waved him off politely.

“No, we’re good. Like watching the sudsy things wash the car.” Carl said and realized instantly that if this kid had a brain his statement would sound so stupid that the kid would surely know what they were going to. . .

“Oh, Ya.” The kid nodded, “It is sorta cool lookin aint it? Well,…have fun then.” Thank God for shallow gene pools Carl thought as the kid pressed the buttons and the conveyer belt began to suck them into the car wash. The quickly rolled up their windows to avoid the water jets ahead.

Carl clicked the timer on his watch, they had 5 minutes to be safe. . . .5 and a half or maybe six if they were willing to run the risk. He looked at Ginny who was already pulling her skirt up over her hips and fingering her pussy. She grinned at him and slid two fingers in and out, showing him how wet she was.

“Hurry up and get it out!” She said laughing, pawing at his shorts trying to open his fly up. Carl unzipped and Ginny reached in and grabbed his hard cock, pulling it out as she bent down to suck him. She was fingering herself faster and hard with her free hand. Her fingers making a wonderfully wet sloppy sound as she frigged herself.

Carl grabbed her hair as her lips swallowed his cock head and she then slid effortlessly down his shaft. She sucked cock better then anyone he had ever known and her lush pouty lips looked so sexy doing it. She always wore slutty red lipstick for him, he loved seeing a ring of red around the base of his cock when she was done.

Checking the time he called out “One minute.” It was hard to concentrate on time when she was sucking him, her tongue working the shaft and the rim of the head as she bobbed up and down his cock. He reached over and grabbed her tits through her shirt and played with her stiff nipples, pulling on them and making her moan.
He closed his eyes but instantly snapped them back open, that was a mistake he wouldn’t make again after that last incident when he lost himself to the blow job and they finished with quite an audience. He checked his watch again, “Two minutes baby . . . we’re into the suds.” He laughed and Ginny giggled and then choked slightly as the she tried to deep throat him while laughing. She pinched his leg and he laughed harder. He delicate fingers were rapped around the base of his cock pumping him like mad, stroking him closer and closer to cumming.

The first taste of precum in her mouth and she went crazy, fucking herself harder and harder with three fingers as she sucked. She loved cum. The promise of his cumming in her mouth made her so horny she couldn’t help but fuck herself harder. She felt her juices dripping down her fingers and making a wet sticky mess on the car seat.

“Three. . . “ he paused, his breathing ragged. “Three minutes baby.” He was sweating heavily and thrusting up into her mouth now. His cock was beginning to throb as he got closer and closer to cumming. “Oh God baby...suck it sooooooo good.” His fingers clenched into a fist of her hair and he pushed her face back down onto his cock.

Ginny felt her own body trembling, she was on the verge of cumming but was trying to finish him off first. Once she started cumming, she was out of it for at least a minute and that wouldn’t give her enough time to finish him off. She stroked and pumped his cock hard in her mouth, sucking on it as he fucked her face.

Carl looked at his watch and tried to say the four minute warning
but the words choked as he started to cum. He groaned and threw back his head and growled as he came. Ginny didn’t stop pumping and sucking him until he had shot a heavy load into her sweet mouth, enough that some dribbled down her chin.

Ginny let herself go over the edge as he finished cumming, her body instantly quivering all over as she came. She felt like she was on fire for a second, the heat shooting through her entire body. Her fingers froze up as she came and she had to grind her pussy on her had to get a really hard cum out of it. Her juices were dripping down her hand, she could feel them pooling under her bare ass cheeks.


Hey Daddy! I have this great game for us to play. I know how much you love to wear Mommy’s lingerie when she is not around, Dad do not pretend that you don’t know what I am talking about, I have peeked in on you wearing her nightgowns. You do look so lovely in it too might I add. But I feel like you need something a lot more sexier, something that makes you feel like a true woman. I bet you look so good in those little tutu skirts and ones that will accent your soon to be tits. Plus Daddy, I would do your hair and your makeup to make it look 100% believable! You will feel so pretty, you will be the perfect princess for me. I can’t wait to watch you bend over with your ass up in the air, the skirt sliding up so I can see those cute little ruffled panties. The best part Daddy is that you actually do look so good as a woman, I bet you that nobody would know any difference. And you do love to make me happy, don’t you? Well what if having you being a sissy whore for me is what makes me happy? I do know some boys we could invite over, sexy young teen studs with cocks bigger than yours. I will just tell them you’re my out of town cousin and when it comes time for you to bend over and take it, we’ll turn the lights off. Those teen cocks will fill your princess ass up really good! So Princess, are you down for some sissy fun? Let me doll you up and make yo a sisy whore..