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       Cocks filling me!

Until my cunt has tons of cum dripping from it I am not satisfied. My new master loves to watch me fucked like a sex doll by all of his buddies. They strap me to the big fluffy bed. That is when they all walk in. So many cocks standing in a row. All of the so massive and smooth. It isn’t long before I feel the first one enter my cunt. Then a few are smacking off of my face all of them trying to fit in my mouth at once. I can feel many different mouths and tongues all over my body as well as so many cocks entering my holes. I cum dripping from my face and tits by the time we are through, But the feeling that is best is as it slides from my juicy cunt.


I love big black cocks. Holy shit, I get so wet and turned on just thinking about feeling a gorgeous black dick slide all the way inside me. I mean, what in the world could be better than that? And when I say big, I don’t mean just average big. If they aren’t at least 8 inches and really thick, then I don’t want them. I like the ones I can barely even wrap my hand around. It always feels like they are splitting my white cunt wide open, but I don’t care. The end result is worth it. They make me cum so fucking hard I feel like my entire universe is going to explode.

I bet you’d all love to hear about the time I was gang banged by a bunch of BBC’s. I’d love to tell you all about it & share every detail of that day with you. I think you will get as turned on by it as I do. If you’re a real man and not a loser, maybe we can even cum together while we talk. If you aren’t, I’ll just tell you over and over how you aren’t good enough for me.

       Cum and join us!

Sometimes I find a man with a real impressively large and thick cock that I just want to show off. That happened when Rick showed me his huge 13 inch anaconda I knew it was worth sharing. I knew instantly who to call over Caprice another young cum loving whore like me would not want to miss this treat. I had Rick strip down and wait for us in the bedroom. When she arrived I grabbed her hand and quickly lead her to the bedroom, his cock was half erect and still looked huge. She gave me a smile and hopped on the bed it took both her hands to hold up that big dick. I join beside her running my tongue over the smooth puffy head teasing the ridges with my tongue. His hand was reaching up under her skirt I could tell he start rubbing her pussy when she started to moan. I took that cock deeper down my throat as far as I could handle letting my spit run down the shaft. I pulled it out of my mouth and let Caprice have a taste now that some precum had was leaking out of his mushroom head. I took off my shorts and panties so I could climb on top and put my bald pussy on his face. I used my pussy to grind against his mouth while I pushed Caprices head down on his cock to see how deep she could go. She let up and I bent over to lick up some of the precum into my mouth and kissed her. Swapping the little bit of cum back and forth with our mouths while we both worked to jerk his cock. He was throbbing begging for us to let him cum as we teased him moving fast and then slow. Finally we pushed a bit to far and his cock blew cum all over our slut faces.

       I love being watched, do you?

There are a lot of thrills that come with having sex in taboo places. Some people have amazing orgasms when they know that they could be caught fucking at any moment. But, have you ever gone about having sex knowing that you are actively being watched? You see, I absolutely live for exhibitionist phone sex. I love looking in the eyes of strangers while I’m being roughly fucked by one, two, or even three plus guys! And not just guys…I like being used as a fuck toy by girls, too! While I definitely enjoy that on a regular day as well, there’s an extra thrill in it for me knowing that we’re fucking out in the open with all these people watching where our bodies come together and cum together 😉Aww, are you getting shy over there? Don’t be! Plenty of people are in to being watched while they take part in carnal activities, even people who don’t expect to like it. I, myself, didn’t realize what an exhibitionist phone sex slut I am until I was dragged to a sex club by an ex. I was dressed up in some of my finest slut-wear, my shoes saying more about what I’m in to than I was while people picked their poison around us. I was totally mortified when my then-boyfriend asked me if I’d be open to making use of one of the open couches or beds and showing everyone what I freaky whore I am.

It was once I was spread open on a couch, my stiletto clad feet over his shoulders and his cock plunging in and out of my pussy that I realized just how god damn turned on I was knowing that everyone was watching. My tits bouncing and my juices dripping down my legs, my mouth thrown open as I screamed with bliss at the top of my lungs! It was the best orgasm I’d ever had! I felt like a dirty porn queen!

       I am need of...

I am in need of some really hot, devious fun! Who has what it takes to handle a red headed ball of fire? I won't bite unless you want me to!


I am ready to do some crazy and wild things, are you? We can get very sinful and do some very sinful, naughty things..

       Everyone need a red head in their lives

Hey guys, I want to play on your Taboo fantasies...The more I talk to you the more I realize I like the same things, I can't stop thinking about all the things we could do to those tight, little fuckholes........I am starting to want them just as bad as you.........

       My dark dream last night

I am telling you my darkest dream ever, it was me and a man..We were violating a little together,I woke up with a very wet pussy...I want to tell you all of the details

       Me all of the way

I'm a 🔥 ball, I have red hair and brown eyes. I will take your cum loads. I love role play and anything else you want to get limits.. anything goes 😘

       my weekend plans

My weekend plans include starting off this New Year with a bang... I am a fireball of energy who wants to hear all about your fantasies and turn them into reality for you... I love taboo topics, the darker the better