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M.K. ULTRA . Performer Blog

       I had another black out!

I had another black out. There are 2 days that I can not account for. Except.... Well except for what I apparently recorded on my cell phone. It is so horrific! Apparently I helped kidnapped someone. I filmed it all! I am sick and twisted, but how come I don't remember??? She kept crying for her mom and begging me to stop. I don't even remember or recognize the man I was with. But I filmed it all. I am a sick fuck.

       They are trying to take over my body!

Comment : HI Lovers! Im Mary Kate. M.K. for short. I wanted to be the first to post a blog under my account since I am the first and original Personality. I have been struggling with my other personalities lately. They are trying really hard to take over my sexy , young and innocent body. I feel as if they want to come on here and blog about themselves. "Those Bitches". They have done this before with my own personal diary. This is how I became to know of them. Well that and the blackouts and lost for time. Anyway, I just want to warn you that some of my personalities are very sick and twisted, so dont hold me accountable if one should take over and post vulgar or criminal content. Its not me! I am so very different from most of my other personalities. Im not bad, or super sweet. Im just a lonely horny lil nympho! Lol.