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Charli Peters Performer Blog


While you're driving, I'm unzipping your fly, baby, and letting it push its way to the right direction. I'll take south..My mouth very slowly licking around, while I'm feeling my hands around your balls.
OH WAIT! Your wife is in the backseat talking on her cell...of course...what to do, what to do?
sucking you and working my hand up and down so she could see your cock in my mouth, and my pussy juicy wet and ready to fuck you...
"Okay," she says, glaring into the rear-view mirror..."Only if I get some pussy too.."
"Oh honey, I guess you know that I can eat pussy too, right?"
You can tell she's cruisin' for a bruising, if she won't push her pussy into my mouth and then mount me..
"Jeez,' he says, "this was my fucking whore and my fucking fantasy!"
"Well, I always say two birds in the BUSH are better than...how is that again?"
Let's all fuck so hard it hurts to cum again and again...
I think we should quit meeting this way!


At night, when he lights the tiki torches around the deck overlooking the night sea, the cabana boy feeds me his plum sized balls and leans hard into my tits. The cuckold begins!
His cock slides sideways out of his tight shorts while my daddy watches us rocking and riding like ponies, leaving cream pie between my legs, which he licks off, leaving a little wet spot on my bikini panties.
Daddy votes him off the beach.
He orders one guy and one girl from the menu, while the waves crash and pound, receding with the foamy cum back to the ocean.
Girl sits on my face while I lie on the beach. She squirts the fruity drinks on me and licks it up like a kitten. Then she sits on my face and rocks me back and forth with her wet clit.
Cabana Boy comes from behind turns us both over on our stomachs. He and daddy spank our little bottoms and take turns fucking us up the ass. And when I suck down their cum straight down my throat, I kiss the girl and she kisses me, mixing juices and foamy ocean cum into us both, making us all breeders and lovers and savages too., while the ocean waves overcome us with salty cum.
That’s when I realize we are sex slaves in the perfect storm, forever captured for savages to rape us in this nightly cuckold ritual, while daddy watches.