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Tawdry Tess Performer Blog

       Creampie for Dessert!

I wish I could remember how many times my cuckold husband has watched me get fucked. He loves seeing men with huge cocks take me in every hole. They give me what he can’t. He knows I am a slut. He knows I have sex with strangers in random places. He knows I pick up BBC at Starbucks. He has a cheating wife and I think he likes it.
As much as I enjoy cheating on him, I have never made him eat a creampie. I think it is time he tried some my delicious treat. After being fucked by my college boytoy and then by some man I met at the grocery store, my pussy was full of hot cum.
When I got home he asked where I’d been all day. I smirked and said, “Out running errands. Fucking men with real cocks.”
He seemed angry but he never fucks me. How else will I get what I want? He stormed out of the room and acted like a spoiled baby. It pissed me off, so I decided to teach him a lesson.
I walked over to him and straddled his lap. I sensually caressed his face and kissed him. I rarely show the poor bastard any attention, so he was putty in my hands. I whispered in his ear. “Hey baby, my cunt is full of loads from today. You know what I want you to do, lover? I want you to eat it all out of me.”
He tried to look away, but I held his face in my hands. I made him look at me. I reached down and fingered my freshly fucked hole. My fingers dripped with creamy goodness. Then I placed my finger on his lips and said, “Lick it off.”
He turned away, but I know he wanted it. I didn’t give him a choice. I slid my finger into his mouth and made him lick it clean. Then I stood up and pushed his face into my wetness. He tried to resist, but I was intent on forcing my husband to eat cum for the first time.
Turns out, he loved it. Now he cannot wait for me to get home to sample my creampie.
Don't you want some, lover?

       Little Bits of Skittles

Every now and then I have a taste for Skittles. Those small sweet little treats. They are soft in the middle and the flavor stays on my tongue long after I've swallowed their goodness.
Being a mommy, I am often surrounded by a gaggle of littles. All ages. Some like to play with dolls. Some like to play with cars. And to be quite honest, I enjoy playing with them all.
One night, I hosted a sleepover filled with little treats. We played hide and seek. Baked cookies and had a pillow fight. Right before it was time to go to sleep, we played a game. A fun little Skittles game.
I lined Skittles up and down on their tiny little forms. The object of the game was to be still while i gobbled up the goodness. Those who giggled, would have to do it again. And again.
There were so many delicious flavors that night. The candy was sweet, but most delectable were the little treats. Soft and warm. And giggly.
Some of them squirmed and giggled just to have another go. They wanted it. And trust me, I was pleased to oblige them. It was like a smorgasbord for this naughty mommy. So many to choose from. So much to do. And I did it all.
By morning's light, I was all out of Skittles. And I sent the littles home with a mysterious smile.
Can't wait to have another sleepover soon!

       Family Feasts to be Shared

The holidays are coming sooner than we think. I could care less about the "hustle and bustle" of it all. What excites this incestuous MILF, is the open and easy access to so many family members that holiday gatherings bring.
Sure, there is no doubt I will cook a perfect meal. There will be talking and laughter at the adult's table. Giggling and food fights at the little's table. But once dinner is served, this wanton whore wants some sweet dessert.
I've envisioned it. After the dinner plates have left the table, each of them will line up for the real buffet. Tasting and sampling forbidden flesh. Licking. Sucking. Slurping up those treats that flow from taboo desires. My mouth waters as I write this. Just the thought of everyone joining in gets me so fucking horny.
I know what I am hungry for. I'd like to dip my fingers into some sweet niece pie and wash it down with the nectar that could only cum from my own son. I want to open my mind (and my legs) to any and all combinations.
Such delicious and sinful thoughts bubble up in my brain and I simply cannot wait for Thanksgiving to arrive. I am already in the kitchen, planning my menu.
There is so much to be thankful for.