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Slutty Sabrina Performer Blog

       My First Time.

I remember my first time, like it was just yesterday. It was supposed to be with this guy, that I was seeing at the time. It ended up, being with his friend instead. I didn't know what to expect. It was an unforgettable experience. I had some drinks first. It helped me to relax. We went to a hotel room. It was in the middle of nowhere. We didn't want to run into, someone we knew. It would be too weird. He lit some scented candles, once we got there.I surprised him with a revealing dress. I was supposed to wear it for, the person that was going to take my virginity.It was a perfect evening for me.

       I Sure Am Horny!

Hi guys, today is one of those days, when I just want to pleasure myself.If I see a sexy man walking by, I suddenly feel a moistness in my jeans.I looked out my window and saw a few.They didn't notice, that I was staring at their muscular bodies.I might have to close my drapes.My thong is getting stuck up my butt hole. I need you to help me out.

Slutty Sabrina

       My Slumber Party!

A whole bunch of my friends came over last night for a slumber party. it was a fantastic time.Sheila brought over some cake. We had it for desert. We saw some funny films. We then opened a big bottle of wine. We got wasted. I don't remember when we went to bed. The first one to fall asleep, had to panties put in the freezer over night. I was the last.We pulled Amamda's panties down, in her sleep.I think the next time, will more intense.

       New Girl In Town.

Hi guys, as you probably already know, I'm one of the new girls on this site. It would be nice if one of you fellas, would pop my phone cherry. I need to receive my first call. I will explode all over the place.I won't bite, unless you want me to.