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In the damp stairwell of the lighthouse, I see them lurking in the shadows waiting for me. Through the beacon of light I see the crashing waves of the storm, and nobody to rescue me.
I see my daddy in his room waiting for me to enter. He is stroking his cock, while my sister and brother are sucking and licking his shaft.
They are borne of incest, but I too am forced to mount him and bounce up and down, while he spanks my bottom, hiking up my plaid skirt.
I tell him not to cum inside me, but daddy says it's either that, or take it down my throat. It is my choice: to breed or not to breed.
Deep, deep down my throat is his pre-cum showing he is serious.
"You have to make my cock ache to get it deep enough into your tight hole," he tells me.
His cum has to be deep inside me, with a huge load, to breed me for his incestuous brood. So he slides his cock out so we all three play and tease it, sucking his balls, knowing it will give him more and more...a fat cock load of cum.
He wants to squirt it on my face, but instead it is throbbing too hard to waste all that creamy cum. He thrusts it up my ass first, pumping it in and out and ramming it in.
He puts me over his lap where my bald pussy clit is rubbing his aching, fat cock, while spanking me between my legs to open my hole wider for him. We rock together until I feel the same aching in my pussy.
That's what it takes, he tells me, "you have an aching pussy that opens wide and deep for my aching cock."
I do what he says...He thrusts me deep, while making my clit cum with his cock, again and again, until the cum drips out of me.
He wags the cum at my face and I eat it, just to be sure.
Meanwhile, the beacon of light moves across the dark ocean in the stormiest night on record. I am pleased.