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       Are you him?

I was strolling through the park one day, and I saw this gorgeous, sexy, piece of meat. I wondered if he knew how sexy he was? Did he know that I was looking him up, and down? that I wanted to taste every part of him!? I don't know if he ever saw me, but I wanted to do the most nastiest, dirty, perverted things with him, and for him! Later on when I was at home, I was thinking about him and I had to touch myself! I was imagining his mouth all over me, and I wanted to feel his breath on me! I could see him in front of me, holding his big cock, telling me to beg for it. Being the good girl that I am, I walked over in front of him, got on my knees, and begged for him to put his huge cock in my mouth! While I was laying in my bed(thinking of him) I heard a knock on my door. I went to the door, opened it and to my surprise it was my nephew that had came to visit me! He has always been one of my favorites! You can imagine, just how horny I was from touching myself, just seconds before he had gotten there. My nephew is very handsome, and he has always loved his Auntie so much! We were talking about when he was younger, how he loved to do so many different things, but one of the subjects we stumbled on to, was when he had brought one of his girlfriends over to meet his Auntie. I remember her very well she was a few years younger than him and she was just the cutest little thing you had ever saw. He told me she was a virgin and I thought to myself, how does he know for sure? At that same moment I thought to myself, I will find out for sure!! So I told him to go upstairs, get cleaned up so we could have dinner. After he went upstairs, I told his girlfriend to follow me to my bedroom, there was something i wanted to show her. So we went into my bedroom. After we went through the door, I closed it and I told her that my nephew had told me, she was a virgin. She said(kind of frightened) yes ma'am I am! I said to her "ok, you have to prove it to me" so I told her to go lay on my bed, take off her panties, and let me take a peak. She went over to my bed,laid down on her stomach, and pulled down her panties. I told her "No" that's not going to work like that, roll over on your back, and she did. She had pulled her panties down too, while she was on her stomach. When she rolled over on her back I saw that beautiful little cunt she had! I told her that I was going to get very close to her pussy, and inspect it. She said "Ok" nervously. I put my hands on each thigh, and pushed her legs open. Let me tell you, she was a virgin, and her pussy was breathtaking! I spread her little lips apart to look in her hole, as I was doing that she said Ma'am I have never done anything! I have never even touched myself! I asked her "then why did you agree to let me inspect you"? She said "I don't know"! I said to her " I think it's because you are ready to have that pussy explored, aren't you"? She said YES!!! very excitedly. I told her exactly what I was going to do to her, and to not be scared at all! I inserted one finger in her and her pussy was so tight. She gasped as I entered her! I asked her "Does that feel good" she said "yes". I told her that I was going to put two fingers into her, and she said " I don't think they will fit" I said " I will make them fit" I put two fingers into her tight little pussy, and she started to moan. She was driving me crazy! I wanted to watch my nephew fuck her, so I called him into the room. When he came into the room, he looked at me as If to say "what are you doing"? but he didn't say a word. I told him I was checking to see if she was a virgin, and I told him she was! He said Auntie, why did you do that! I told him, Auntie loves you!! Please come fuck her pussy for me! I told him. He came over, unzipped his jeans, and said "Auntie, are you going to watch"? I said Yes I am, now shut up and fuck that little pussy. He bent down in the floor, grabbed her by her thighs and scooted her closer to him. When he put his big cock in her ,she screamed! I went to her and started kissing her, and playing with her titties. Before I knew it, my Nephew was pumping his load into her cunt! When he was done, I went over to her, and cleaned all of that cum out of her pussy! I went to her, and told her to open her mouth, so she could taste all of that deliciousness that was in her pussy! She went crazy, as I was spitting it into her mouth!! After we were done, I looked at my nephew, and told him just how much his Auntie loved him! He said I know you do!