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Priya Asia Performer Blog

       Hello Master

Hey Master

Can you train me to be a good slut,
I wanted to be a good girl like my master wants
I wanna get punished
I wanna get my slutty mouth fucked so hard while my master grabs my hair and pushes me on to his cock
I wanted my master to tell me - i am his fucking toy.

       Girl friend experience

Imagine me and you walking down on a beach, cool breeze passing through us as we talking about the time we spent and going to spend together, me holding your arm - where sea showing us there is no relation on earth that doesn't goes through ups and downs through its waves.
and we walk to our room,
as soon as we enter at the door - you start jumping on to me while opening the door, as we open the door
you stick me to wall - we throw our jackets on the chair nearby.
holding my hands up to the wall, teasing me for a kiss - smiling at my desperation to catch your lips and lock them with mine.
taking a moment to look at me, while a glimpse of shyness and disappointment cover my face , checking out my big boobs standing out in my purple dress, sexy curves down my waist long legs.
you take a step back to enjoy the moment of me
(standing sticking my back to wall,hands up my head,boobs inviting you while sticking out nipples erected,showing my curves in my tight dress,legs crossing - waiting for you to take charge on my body, anticipating of whats going to come).
now you take your shirt off and standing infront of me smelling my perfume while giving me a light kiss on the end of my cheek, while i lick tip of your ear and a light moan while our bodies start to heat up.
i tell you in a low voice " I AM ALL YOURS BABY"

call me to tell me what you wanna do to me or to listen how i take it from here

       Loving Sub

I love a DOM, that can control me and take charge of me.
Make me your Fucking bitch Master.
make me take all your cock in my mouth, mouth fuck me.
make me gag and choke
Just fuck the pretty out of my face Master.
please master FUCK me, fuck me hard.
Give me what i deserve master.
Fuck the shit out of my pussy, slap me , spank me master
please FUCK me hard and rough.
and anything else you wanna do to my body - i am a willing sub.

Thank you for reading Master