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Leena Rowe Performer Blog

       Being bratty

I know as I'm doing it I'm going to be punished, but I can't seem to help myself. I need to fucked and Daddy is not paying any attention to me.
I start to smart off at the mouth to gain his attention.
"Baby girl, you need to stop or you'll regret it" Daddy says with that look.
" Will I, Daddy? Please make me regret it". I respond.
Daddy smiles and continues with his work. I stand up and slide my shorts off and I see Daddy glance my way. I continue with this until only my thing and hair are covering my my pussy and tits.
I sit on the edge of the coffee table and spread my legs.
"Daddy, cum play with me", I bed
"Daddy has work to do, be good. " he says.
No, Daddy, I want to play!" And I even stomp my foot.
Daddy stands and undoes his jeans.
Daddy, is going to face fuck you so you'll shut up and let Daddy work" in gasp as he finishes those words.
Daddy grabs my head and feeds me his cock and he forces his cock into my throat. I gag for a moment and then he continues.
He fucks my mouth and I feel him tense. He slowly pulls out of my mouth and my fingers find my swollen clit. Daddy puts his cock back in my mouth and says fuck yourself baby girl.
I am on the verge of cuming and Daddy pulls out his cock and proceeds to cum all over my face and breasts. As I cum I scream out my pleasure and I tater daddy's cum.
I rub his cum all over my breasts and then plunge my fingers into my wet pussy and cum again as Daddy licks and sucks my clit. I cum all over daddy's face and then her scoops me up and takes me to shower.
"That was just the fun, baby girl. The punishment will come later"
I smile and fall asleep next to Daddy as he goes back to his work.

       Dirty little girl needs to be fucked

I want to have my clothes ripped off and I want to be fucked by three men. I want to be filled completely. I want to suck cock while I'm being fucked hard and fast. I want to be tied down and fucked. Whip me while you're fucking me. I'll beg for it. Come have fun with me 💋

       Shower Fun

I just took a nice, long, hot shower. I fucked my dildo and came so hard. A mixture of water and cum running down my legs. I still want more. I am truly insatiable. Give me a call and let me help you cum 💋

       Daddy Dominates

As I lay strapped to the bed and not knowing how long I had been there I heard the soft click of the door. Instantly dripping knowing Daddy was back I wiggled my ass in the air.
Daddy laughed and said" does baby girl want more of daddy's cock?"
"Mmm yes Daddy, I want more." As I wiggled my ass again.
Daddy smacked my ass and I moaned as my back arched. Daddy smacked my ass again. Daddy leans over me and I feel his cock push into my wet pussy. He slowly pushes into me as his hand closes around my neck. With just the slightest pressure and a slow fucking I cum all over daddy's cock.
He starts to fuck me harder as his fingers slip into my mouth and I start to suck. Daddy starts to plunge his fingers into my mouth as his cock thrusts into my pussy. Daddy likes to hear me gag and he fucks me faster and harder as I gag on his fingers. I feel his other hand slip between my legs and he pinches my clit and then his fingers are in my ass.
All of a sudden all my holes are full and its amazing. I cum hard. An earth shattering orgasm.
Daddy is gone from me and starts untying me. He jerks me up and off the bed and stands me against the wall. He slowly pushes me down and proceeds to face fuck me as I continuously gag on his cock.
My hand slips down and I start to fuck myself as Daddy fills my mouth and throat with his cock. My other hand gently cups his balls and he cums in my mouth, pulling out and cuming on my face.
Daddy helps me up and leads me to the shower to clean up before the next round.
The next round ends up being in the shower. Daddy carries me to bed and I drift off to sleep completely satisfied and covered in pretties.

       Daddy Dominates

Daddy told me to wear my hair down and I was for a while. I had a bad day and I piled my long hair on top of my head. Well, now I'm in for a punishment. I'm in waiting pose and its been 20 minutes. I hear the soft click of the door. I don't dare move. Daddy walks around me and holds his hand out for me to take. I stand and Daddy tells me to bend over the bed. He ties my hands to the bed and ties my feet to the legs of the bed.
I feel his hands softly glide over my ass and his finger dip into my wet pussy. Then his hand is gone. The next thing I feel is the sting of the flogger hit my lower back and ass. My pussy is instantly dripping. He continues to whip me and I'm so beyond ready to be fucked hard.
I feel his cock against my ass and suddenly he is in my ass balls deep. This is heaven to me because I like to please Daddy. He fucks me hard and fast until I'm on the verge of orgasm and he slowly pulls out. I feel something start to enter my ass and I tense. As I tense I feel my ass start to burn.
Daddy leans down and says" is baby girl going to wear her hair up again."
"Ah, no Daddy, I won't."
I feel whatever is in my ass push deeper and I tense again and again I feel the burn.
"What's in your ass, baby girl?" Daddy whispers.
"I don't know Daddy."
Daddy puts his strong fingers against my pussy and starts to rub my clit in soft little circles.
"It's ginger baby girl. Do you know what its for?"
"No Daddy"
"Well, you're going to find out."
Daddy steps back and proceeds to start flogging me again. Every time I tense from the sting my ass burns. Daddy flogs me until I'm soaked and my pussy is dripping g down my legs. He slowly pulls the ginger out of my ass and enters me, fucking me hard until I cum all over his hard cock. He continues to fuck me bringing to orgasm again and I feel him cum in my ass. Daddy steps away and walks towards the door.
"Now, I'll be back in a bit baby girl"
Daddy leaves and I'm left legs trembling and pussy dripping for more.

       Bratty sub needs to be punished

I've been such a bad girl. I've not been following my rules and I am due for a punishment. Spanking will not do because I enjoy it way way too much. How should I be punished? Come punish me, please!!!

       Sexy, bratty sub

This sexy brat is need of punishment and I want you! I need to be spanked and fucked hard. Who is up for the job? Cum and get this hot, wet, pussy.