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Alice Athena Performer Blog

       Face Sitting and Breath Play

Seeking a willing volunteer to be my chair for a night. Someone whose face is ready and willing to have my ass sit right on it. I want someone with a quick tongue and hungry hands that grab at my hips as I smother them. If it gets hard to breathe, well too bad, my pleasure comes first!

More air can be yours after I'm done shaking from an orgasm I doubt you can give me. And don't even try to claw my hips, scratches won't get you any leniency, it's my pleasure or nothing.

Call for more face sitting and breath play fun~


Fresh out of a nail salon after getting a pedicure, theres nothing more I love to do than sit down with a little bitch kneeling in front of me waiting to be played with.

Running perfectly smoothed and painted foot over a hard cock can only be matched by pushing the ball of my foot up against my play thing's balls.

Nothing is as pretty as a freshly painted nail rolling over the tip of a cock in little circles will having my other foot kissed and sucked on.

Give me a call for more foot fetish fantasies~

       My Best Friend's Boyfriend

I was spending my Friday evening over at my best friend's house, just hanging out before her boyfriend got off work. They don't get to see each other a lot during the week, so every Friday night when he gets off work, they start their weekend fuckfest!
We weren't expecting him to get home for a while, so my friend went to go take a shower, and I stayed in her room, laying down on her bed while listening to some music. I was laying on my stomach just flipping through a magazine when all of a sudden i felt two hands smack down on my ass! At first I thought it was my friend just messing around, but before I can even say anything, I felt my skirt get pushed up over my ass and a mouth against my pussy!
When I felt scruff against me, I realized it wasn't my friend, but her boyfriend. He had come home from work early and mistook me for her!
He quickly started eating me out, not taking the time to check and see if I was actually his girlfriend, and I was loving it. Before I even had a chance to feel bad about her boyfriend eating me out, but gets up and shoves his hot cock right into my tight pink pussy.
I can't hold back the moans at this point as he pounds me against the headboard. After one particularly loud moan, my friend comes running out of the bathroom, hair dripping wet and towel falling to the floor!

To find out what happened next give me a call and I'll tell you all about it~