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Madam Rose Performer Blog

       My Boyfriend

I love catering to my boyfriend's needs. Whatever he wants I'll get it. I support him in all of his endeavors. I enjoying listening to his problems while sucking him off. Public sex is our number one couple activity.

       Looking for A Partner

It wasn't until now that I realized there is nothing more erotic than hearing the screams of young children being violated. I love stretching their tiny holes to the point of internal bleeding. However, it does get lonely torturing kids by myself. So, I am in search of an accomplice. I need a partner who is as sadistic and methodically as I am.

This job includes:
A free van
Condoms (provided if needed)
Warehouse (with a sex dungeon)

If you the balls for this line of work, then give me a call.

       Cell Block R

After crossing all the hurdles, I finally achieved my dream job as a prison guard. Now I can have my way with the inmates. If you want me to visit your cell, feel free to give me a call.

       Pimping 101

Hey fellas, I'm Madam a that enjoys pimping out her whores to depraved clients that are into domination, humiliation, and rubber play. If one of my Johns fails to bring in his keep, he'll have to endure ball-busting, dry pegging, and being raped by his fellow whores. And if he repeatedly fails to collect or put out, then I'll personally castrate and sissify him. He'll be the sissiest little shemale in my stock, oops I meant she. But don't worry, I always reward my top earner by allowing to use my body as cum-dumpster.