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Angel Dreams Performer Blog

       Girlfriend and Boyfriend...!

Do you remember your first love ? I do, an older gentleman who I worked for back in the day.
He owned a horse farm and I did all sorts of jobs on the farm. His wife was a real bitch and we all hated her. But luckily she wasn't on the farm very much.
I caught my boss jerking off, is how things got started with us. I came around a corner up in the hayloft and there he was in all his glory, sitting on a blanket covered hay bale. He must have been stroking for a while. His cock was nice and hard, curving towards his body, legs spread wide open and pants down around his ankles. Quite a site to see for an impressionable virgin.
I stopped dead in my tracks, had no idea what to say to him. We finally made eye contact with one another and the look on of sheer contentment in his eyes was staggering to me. I wanted to feel what he was feeling.
I reached down inside my baggie jean overalls, ran my hand down into my panties and felt the wetness on my fingertips. I'm not sure what made me do the following : I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck my pussy juice off them. But as I was doing it, I thought of where I had seen it being done. I had found a bunch of stuff on my brother's computer and had watched a lot of it and almost had to take written notes. Giggle, Giggle !
Then I walked over to my boss and got my fingers wet again and brought my fingers to his mouth this time. I watched him lick every drop from my fingers. After he got done, I lifted both hands to my shoulders and unsnapped my overalls, letting them drop to the barn floor.
Way back when...
call me and I'll tell you the rest of the story...

       Getting caught by an Older Man and enjoying it…

He caught me playing with my pussy when I thought I was alone.
Caught while lying in the sun, all naked…!
Getting caught masturbating by a tall, dark, and stranger. He was blocking my sun, standing looking down at me with his cock growing in his shorts.
He clears his throat and I open my eyes. I find myself wondering who this man is, maybe he’s the new neighbor. And I remember I don’t have any clothing on, I’m bare naked…! That may be the reason for the look on his face. He almost licks his lips as he stands over me. His hand came to his cock as I open my eyes and my hand goes to my pussy. I’ve been caught…!
Next thing I know the stranger has bent down and kisses me. His lips on mine and putting his tongue into my mouth. My hand starts to rub my clit harder and faster. I feel him straddle my lounge chair where I’ve been sunbathing. He stands as he lets go of our kiss. I can’t help but look at the bulge in his shorts. He asks me if I’d like to see his cock. And I wink at him and say “of course, silly…” After all I have been caught…!
Reaching both my hands into the waistband of his shorts, I give a good tug. And oh my, a very nice looking cock comes bounding out and almost right into my mouth. I can’t help myself from planting a nice big kiss right on the head of his cock.
He turns himself around and still straddling my chair, bends to lick and lap my pussy…at the same time, feeding his cock into my wide open mouth. I feel my pussy getting wetter as he continues to lick me. And I feel his cock getting harder in my mouth. I must say sucking cock is one of the more enjoyable things I do with a man. And I hope I get caught more often…!
Cum and give me a call and I’ll give you the details of Getting Caught…

       Have you ever had a perfect Blow Job ?

Let me tell you my version !
Watch those teeth and let that tongue go crazy…!
Let the lips do the talking…
Taking your cock in my hand, gently rubbing your balls with my other hand. And bringing my mouth to your cock, the head of your cock. Giving him a big kiss right on the top.
Then letting the tip of my tongue graze your pee hole and taste you. My tongue runs the whole length of your shaft, leading to your balls. My lips wrap around one ball at a time and I give a little suck with a gentle tug on your ball sack.
Now it’s time for my tongue to go back up the shaft and start tantalizing the head of your cock. My lips kissing it all over, little tiny kisses. Then working my tongue under the edge of his head, working the magic of my tongue. Some of my spit works its way out of my mouth and I use it to make your cock all slippery.
So give me a call and I’ll give you a blowjob that you won’t soon forget...
your Angel

       Pee Wee the Little Dick !

There once was a Little Dick
As cute as he could be
He wanted the name Rick
But his name was Pee Wee !
Do you have a Little Dick ? He’s just so cute but not fuckable at all. I hope you have a good tongue.
When was the last time you fucked a woman ? or should I say TRIED to fuck a woman. Your little dick isn’t long enough. Even when Pee Wee fully hard.
How old were you when you realized you had a little dick ? Was it grade school, junior high or maybe high school ?
Do you remember the first woman that pointed and laughed at Pee Wee ? And looked at you and told you to get ready to eat pussy and to do it to the best of your ability. I wish you could hear me laughing right now.
Is your little dick getting all hard reading these thoughts of mine ? Sit back and close your eyes, thinking about me. Maybe I catch you stroking little Pee Wee. Let’s see, outside somewhere, it’s a nice sunny day and you’re in your back yard. Thinking you’re alone. But I’m in my back yard watching you. You hear laughing coming from my yard, who is it you wonder.
Your hand immediately covers little Pee Wee. But I’ve already seen Pee Wee and very anxious to see him up close and personal.
You invite me over and as I get closer, you see the big smile on my face. I ask you what I interrupted. And you start to raise your hand off Little Pee Wee.
Oh, my…! I point my finger at him and laugh loudly. Little Pee Wee is sticking out straight in all of his two inch glory.
I stand in front of you as you continue to seat in your chair and lift my skirt. Showing you my pussy while I watch you stroke pathetic little Pee Wee.
Stay tuned for the next adventure of Pee Wee the Little Dick !

       A Ghostly Sexual Fantasy

A Ghostly Sexual Fantasy
Cum have a Sexual Fantasy with me…?
Have you ever gone to bed and thought someone is in your room with you ? But you know that physically no one is there !
Having a bit of Indian Summer, what a nite for a Sexual Fantasy, so I leave my bedroom windows open. I lie in bed and I feel my sheet start to lift away from my body. The wind was not blowing when I came to bed. Then I feel a cool sensation against my cheek, almost like I was being kissed. And then more of the cool sensation up and down my body. Almost as if someone had laid down next to me. Something runs up my arm, like a hand moving from my elbow up to my shoulder. And the ending with a brush of fingertips against my cheek.
From the light of the full moon I can see just an outline of a figure, almost transparent, but very alluring. I couldn't speak, but I didn't feel any danger.
I wonder if I’m getting ready to be taken by a ghost. It would be a huge sexual fantasy cum true for me.
The image is sexually arousing me. It makes my pussy become wet and my nipples have never been so hard and sensitive.
Something seems to be slipping in between my legs and making me spread my legs apart. The cool sensation is absolutely wonderful, as I feel something run down the slit of my pussy. It feels like the head of a nice hard cock.
What seems to be the face comes closer to my face and seems to be kissing me while starting to push the cock into my pussy. I can’t describe the way it feels. It’s like warm and cool at the same time. Then the feeling of it going in and out was making me go crazy. And it didn't take very long to make me cum.
Call me and I’ll give you the details of the Ghostly Sexual Fantasy…!

       Cuckolding Friend...

Cuckolding Friend…taking him past his limit…!!!

Taking a friend down the path of Cuckolding…You know watching his wife with that younger and more well-endowed man…

Cuckolding is such a fun and wonderful thing. And taking a friend over the edge with a cuckolding story is just amazing…! He wasn’t too sure at first. But the more I talked, the more I could hear him breathing harder and harder. The deeper I got into the story the more excited my friend became.
The whole cuckolding experience… younger, more well-endowed man, fucking his lovely big titted wife…while the cuckolding husband sits in the corner and watches.
So the next time you lie back to masturbate, give me a call and I’ll tell you all about your wife taking that much younger and way bigger cock into her nice tight wet pussy. Look at him playing and sucking on those big bouncy titties…
Listen to her moaning and groaning. She doesn’t do that when you fuck her. Does she ?
Then he pulls his cock out of her pussy and climbs up and straddles her face so she can lick and lap her own pussy juice off that very big hard cock…what a picture…Right ?
I think he plans on cumming in her mouth and all over her face, the first time…and being the youngster he is, it won’t take long for him to get hard again and dump the second load in her already wet pussy.
Then the cuckolding husband is going to learn all about being the good little clean up boy. So take off your clothes, climb into your bed and call me. And I’ll tell you the story of you being the cuckolding husband that you know you want to be…deep down inside…