Maddie Willington Performer Blog

       Sissy Training fun

I love it when I meet a new little boy who is secretly dying to be a girl. It is so much fun helping with the transition from being a boy and changing into a slutty sissy girl. To be quite honest , it really is the best decision all around. It is time to stop kidding yourself, because you’re sure not fooling anyone else. Deep down inside you know you can never be a REAL man. So let’s spare the world of all the drama of having to deal with a boy who just can’t man up, let alone actually be a real man, no matter how hard he tries. Instead, embrace the journey of becoming a pretty girl. I love to talk with girly boys like you all day on the phone. Sissy Training Phone Sex is my favorite kind of phone sex. I enjoy being the one who helps you become the girly slut you have been dyeing to become. It can be even more fun when you’re not sure, and I have to be a little forceful to get you to realize what you really are.
All the pretty panties in the world are meant for sissy boy’s like you. You should order them, and wear them on your call with me, but everywhere you go as well. As you can see, they are nothing but very girly panties are wanted, so when I decide that it’s time to break in that sissy pussy of yours they will provide easy access. You know how men like easy access to pussy, don’t you? Well, maybe you don’t know because you have never been a real man, have you? Haha! But before we break in that sissy pussy, we’ll start with the basics, so come on sissy slut, these cocks are not going to suck themselves… Don’t be shy little sissy slut’s call me on Niteflirt so I can push your limits and turn you into the Sissy you are to scared to be haha, because I will make you become the HOTTEST SLUTTEST SISSY BITCH ALIVE 🙂

       The in's and out's of real financial domination

Want to learn what it really means to be financially dominated by a true Domme?

Well now my little slaves and pay piggy’s, is your time to find out.

I will take your money and spend it all on myself. My current financial slaves serve me both on the phone and online, and I happily spend their money on gorgeous clothes, shoes, handbags (an extreme fetish of mine) and anything else I want or expect. I enjoy nice things, but more importantly, I deserve them.

I may allow a little worship if I decide your worthy enough. Then again, I may not. I may insist that you kiss my boots as you place your hard earned cash under my heel and tell me how grateful you are that I am taking your money, AND I MEAN ALL YOUR MONEY!

If financial domination is your true fetish, then your search ends here. You already know I am fully deserving of your hard earned money and you will have the most euphoric feeling as I take your cash, knowing I am spending it all on the most important things in your life at that moment... ME.

Ready to play? Then get out your wallet and be prepared to be financially drained by a true GODDESS of Financial Domination.

*Warning – With me, Financial Domination is rather addictive…..More highly addictive.