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Raunchy Mommy Rachael No limits Performer Blog

       Teaching you to fuck mommy

Mommy loves teaching you to be a man…. Letting you jack off with my panties, sniff and lick them. Mommy will teach you to jack your young cock and cum like crazy! I will tease you with my tits and ass. Maybe give you a look at this wet pussy. Then show you how to lick mommy and make mommy cum. Then teach you how to fuck. Can you imagine it? Mommy riding your hard cock and pushing my tits in your face? Phone sex is super hot and I need someone to join me in a great fucking cum. Give me a call, I would love to get kinky and taboo with YOU.

       Mommy Rachael is being extra Raunchy

Mommy has been feeling extra raunchy lately. I started breaking in these young cocks that need to be taught how to please a woman. There are a couple of boys that ride their bikes over to my house and do random chores to earn money. I started walking around naked when they are around so they can experience a woman nude up close and personal. I asked them if they wanted to touch and squeeze my tits, finger my pussy and then finally asked if they wanted blow jobs. I sucked them both off and let them both eat my pussy. I love being a nasty MILF. It’s hot as fuck knowing I got to break in these young soon to be studs. Would love to tell you more about it, give me a call and I will tell you some more of the nasty things I like to do. Love keeping it taboo!! #TabooPhoneSex

       Taboo fun with mommy

I have been such a raunchy and naughty mommy lately. You see, I can’t seem to get enough young meat!!! I have been breaking in young cock for the last few days and really taking it to a whole new dark and nasty level. Training young cock to please mommy, satisfy mommy’s hungry cunt. Phone sex doesn’t have to be so vanilla, not, with me. I want to talk about all the nasty things other women won’t! Want to know all about the young cock I have been breaking in? Give me a call and I will tell you all about it and the nasty taboo playtime I have been having. YUM!

       Phone sex with Mommy

It’s playtime with Mommy. Cum crawl up into my lap, I will read you a story and snuggle you right up against my big tits. As I toss the book to the side I pull out my tits and push a hard nipple into your mouth for you to suck while mommy touches you in all those special places you like. You’re filled with excitement as mommy reaches down your pants and starts stroking your cock. Mommy has a very wet pussy and needs to cum, mommy has the urge to fuck. Phone sex with mommy can be so fine, so taboo and naughty. Cum with mommy right now.

       Darkest depraved sinful cravings

Craving a new flavor of phone sex? We aren’t limited like Baskin Robbins to 31 flavors. Nope, I have limitless flavors of perversions and depravity that I can dive as deep into the pool as you are able to keep up. Think to those deep dark things that you only have in your head and stroke your cock and get the best cum of your life. Yes, THOSE are the things I want to experience with you. Getting off together sharing all out dirty kinks. I have a so fucking many but I am willing to talk about them all. So give me a call for taboo phone sex that will blow your mind and your creamy load!

       Cum breed mommy

It’s breeding time. Yes, that’s right I need a good breeding session. Mommy needs to be pregnant so I can have some fresh littles to take out my pedo needs on. I love when I can share a young cunt with a playmate. Come on over, join me and feel free to bring a sweet little thing with you. Or maybe I will bring a toy of my own. We can have an amazing phone sex session and get off together while we let out our inner pedo. I know my inner pedo needs to be let out of the cage and allowed to roam and play. Cum with me and enjoy. Call now !

       Pedo breeding time

Cum fill my soaking wet pussy with that big pedo cock. I want you to fuck me and my baby girl. We both need our cunts to be bred. We are both ripe for breeding for the right daddy. Daddy, cum fuck us both. Cum join me for some pervy pedo fun. Looking for a nasty daddy to fuck that little cunt like he owns it! I will keep this pussy nice and warmed up for you. What are you waiting for??? Call now.

       Cum join me need pedo playmate

Mommy needs pedo playmates. Cum join me to rape, beat, torture and violate young little bald cunt. I love the way a young little cunt stretches to allow a big cock to fit in that tiny pussy. I love teaching these young girls to be good little cock whores and filthy little cum sluts. Craving some fresh meat. So please, bring mommy a present. Give me a call and let the phone fucking begin. We will stretch her little holes together. Being a pedophile never felt so fucking good.

       Time to indulge

Woke up thinking about all the taboo things I love and now I am trying to find a playmate to indulge in my taboo desires. Molesting and violation of young bald pussy makes me so fucking wet. I can’t help myself. Just the idea of teaching a young pussy and training her to be a dirty little cock whore is a thrill. Knowing one day she will pass those lessons on to someone else and create another member of this pedophile community. How can I resist? Give me a call, let’s explore and enjoy together. I can be your accomplice or your guide.

       Panty shopping

Today I was shopping online for sexy panties. There are so many choices. Pretty colors, sexy fabrics and not to mention my thoughts of how sexy those panties will look when my pussy juices are soaking those panties. I need help picking out some panties to cover this pretty pussy. Help mommy pick out some panties, call me. We can get off together and enjoy ourselves. Don’t keep me waiting, I already have a few fingers in my pussy.

       Mommy calling all pedos

Mommy woke up craving that bald cunt. Cum over to watch mommy violate that little perfect…. Oh you know exactly what I am going to do. I am so nasty and dirty you won’t fucking believe it. Don’t wait another second before you call me for that pedo fun you’ve been craving. Mommy loves her pedo friends. Let’s get fucked up and freaky together. Sick and depraved are my middle fucking name. Nothing is off limits.

       Pedo Holiday delight

Mommy had a great holiday season with all the littles. Mommy got to be so kinky and nasty, so dirty and so twisted that you wouldn’t believe me when I tell you what all I did. I spent the holiday with my boyfriend and his littles. I got the chance to taste, touch and violate each and every one of them. Bald cunt is so tasty. I love that my boyfriend is such a big pedo. He is so open minded, I would love to share our experience with you. So call me, lets talk all about how much fun I had with the littles. We can cum together talking all about it. Call me.

       Tis the season for cock :)

Out Christmas shopping with my other mommy friends. We have decided that we need to pick a very special naughty boy to use as our fuck toy. Are you on the naughty list? Do you crave fucking mommy’s pussy with your thick meaty cock? Cum on, you know you jack off thinking about it all the time. Call me up for a great phone fuck. Let’s see if you’re naughty enough for me to invite my friends to fucking use you as our personal fuck doll. You can fuck mommy pussy, eat mommy pussy and suck on mommy tits until the cows come home. What are you waiting for ? Call mommy now!!!

       Mommy likes it young

Mommy is feeling deeply twisted and depraved today. I had some free time and was walking in the park and saw kids playing on the playground as I was walking my dog. Holy fucking shit !!! Why is it that I am so turned on by young bald pussy? I saw these group of girls that ranged from 4-8 playing and my pussy got so wet thinking about all the nasty and vile things I could do to them. How I could violate them and I would love ever second of it. My panties quickly began to soak. Call me up, let’s talk about it. Great phone sex can really take the edge off for a raunchy pedo mommy like me….. and I am sure you would enjoy it too. We can talk about all our pedo and pervert fantasies and real life encounters. Call me 😊

       Last nights XXX rated dream

Last night I had this dream that left me with a wet pussy this morning. I dreamed that I was walking around the mall completely naked doing my Christmas shopping. But while I was shopping I had stopped to sit down and answer my phone. I had the most amazing phone sex talking about how I had been riding a young cock and loving every second of it. It was so hot, I fucking had to play with my pussy this morning thinking about it. I left such a huge wet spot in the bed. Fuck, I am horny again just thinking about it. Call Mommy and we can talk all about it.

       Pervert Mommy Rachael

Mommy loves to do nasty and depraved things. Just last night my favorite pedo came over and played with me and my special “toy” if you catch my drift. We had so much fun. Getting nasty and dirty in ways that only a true pedo can is what gives me such spark in life!! It’s such a thrill to do things that are so naughty and taboo. But out in public people think I am mom of the year. HAHA, if they only knew what a sick pervert I really was behind closed doors. Cum play with Mommy and get that pervy connection you have been craving.

       Pushing boundaries

Lately I have been such a naughty mommy. Last night I slipped into my son’s room and while he was asleep I pulled out his cock and started sucking away. It grew in my mouth so fast!! Holy fuck, it was suck a thrill to have his cock in my mouth. I loved sucking that incest cock. It was so tasty. The precum tasted so sweet and I just couldn’t get enough so I just kept sucking away until he shot hit load in my mouth. I swallowed that load of cum of course. Need a nasty phone sex friend in your life? Call me. I have no limits or boundaries.

       Mommy loves her adult diaper babies too

Mommy had such a great day today. I got to read nursery stories to my favorite adult diaper baby. He cried for his bottle so I fed him and he was a happy baby once his belly was full…. But next thing you know he was upset and needed to be changed because he made a mess in his diaper. So of course mommy got a new diaper and the baby powder to make her baby all fresh and clean. Now it’s time to entertain the baby and have a fun game of peek a boo. Do you need a mommy to take care of your every want, need and desire? You’ve found her. All fetish, kinks and fantasies welcome. Anything goes!! Give me a call.

       Holiday weekend fuck

Daddy called me today, I miss him so much. I am so excited he is coming to visit for then holiday weekend. My cunt is throbbing with excitement. You see, daddy always knows how to give me the deep dicking that I crave. I love daddy’s cum inside me. I love the taste of daddy’s cum. His big cock gets rock fucking hard and he just pounds this pussy so deep and hard for me. I love way his big heavy cum filled balls slap up against me. Deep throating daddy’s big dick feels so fucking good. Say what you will, but I love every second of being a dirty little incest slut. Cravings for incest cum drive me to do nasty things 😊 Want to know what other dirty things I am into?? Call me and lets explore what a pervert I really am together.

       Sex in public places

Last night I was out with at a party with some friends for a close friend who is moving out of state. It was great, we had lots of drinking and fun in the pool. I met this guy that was hot as fuck.... so we get to making out and next thing I know we were fucking in the hot tub.... I would love to tell you all about it... call me, lets get carried away in our fantasies together.

       Incest is the best!!!

I am craving some incest action.I have been having wet dreams about daddy coming into my room to fuck me deep and hard at night. Missing those days, maybe I should call him to cum fuck me? My pussy is so wet just thinking about it. My panties are so fucking soaked. Call me, lets enjoy playtime together.

       Raunchy fun with Mommy Rachael

Incest, that's what is on the menu today. I plan to fuck my brother and drain his balls. He told me that he was saving up his cum for 7 days just for me. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks, I have missed my bubba so bad. I love the way he pounds my pussy. It feels so good to get my pussy pounded and to get a full creamy sticky load of cum in my pussy. Call me..... I want to tell you all about it :)

       Bald young pussy

Sweet young bald pussy is laying in the bed between us. You wake up and realize I've brought you a naught sweet surprise. What will you do with this naked little princess? Can we share her? Shall I pin her down for you? All these naughty thoughts. Call me, we can explore this together!!

       Mommy nurses you

Raunchy Mommy Rachael wants to nurse you. That's right, I want you to suck on these big beautiful tits. My pretty pink nipples will get so hard in your mouth!!! I might not be able to contain myself. Truth is mommy needs a good fucking, or a good phone fucking. Call me, I will get nasty, raunchy and wild with you. No limits, anything goes!! Call me!!

       Fuck Mommy Rachael

Mommy loves pleasing her babies. These hard pink nipples need to be sucked on and mommy needs her pussy fucked real good. Family fun is always great maybe I could have my nephew come fuck this juicy pussy today. Great phone sex would be good too. Give me a call and play with mommy to confess your dirty thoughts!

       Mommy comforts you

Nasty Mommy Rachael wants to comfort you, please you and give you the chance to make your most wild, nasty, kinky and wild fantasy come true. No limits, nothing to fear cause anything goes here with no restrictions. #nolimits #kinky #fantasy #phonesex

       Breast feed you

Mommy is feeling extra naughty and kinky today. I want to bring you over and have you suck and lick mommy's nipples. Breastfeeding is so much fun... get your cock rock hard and get real nasty. Anything goes!! NO LIMITS!! #breastfeed #anythinggoes #nolimits