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Family Desires Performer Blog

       Just got our littles today!

We just got our set of 2 today. They are so gorgeous, me and daddy could not be happier. We are going to take such good care of them. We are going to feed, bathe and care for them. We are going to show them how to ride a bike, play house and how to please each other while we watch.Daddy already said the girl is his and I can have the boy of the set to teach how to use those little sex organs of theirs. They are going to learn how to take a pounding, suck dick, spread wide open and so much more. They will learn to deal with the pain and not cry because sometimes pain can feel so good. Daddy and me will teach them all about the birds and the bees.

       Impregnate my daughters

I enjoy the control I hold over my daughters, and I love telling them who to fuck, how far to spread their pretty legs open so a fat throbbing cock of a man stick can be stuck inside of them, not for their pleasure but for my own, even though they may enjoy it as well