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Ally Lee Performer Blog

       What I'd do to you...or what you could do to me!

“Oh I feel so bored right now.” I’m just sitting around here waiting on a call and ready to rock the fucking socks off of someone!! Oh boy am I ready. My pussy is dripping wet, and ready to be used and abused by you. “eat me!” I’ll demand of you, and I think about it as I play with my pussy right now!!

I’m starting to feel my breast up now. They are firm, perky and ready for you to play with them. To lick and squeeze them, to tease me, and then please me, but only after you make me beg for it!

And your hands work their way down to my tight and toned tummy. Oh baby, I feel your hands now on my back, as you slowly scratch my back and then suddenly grab a handful of hair, and tuck my head backwards and you savagely kiss my neck. I scream and beg for your cock now and you still deny me, you tease!

“Please! Please! Please! Baby give it all to me!” You grin and laugh at me as I pout at you while begging for your dick with my eyes. And I keep kissing you trying to please you so that I can finally get what I want. You!... You inside of me!!

Then suddenly you turn me over, spank me a few times and bend over to kiss my back, making me shake and shiver as you kiss me up and down my spine, while you keep spanking me. Then you get ready behind me and I feel relief finally I’m getting you inside of me, inside of my now overly teased and dripping wet pussy!

“Ohh!! Ouch!” I scream with pain and pleasure as I feel you go inside of me, but not where I thought. Instead you surprise me by going into my ass and you grab my hips, and pull me towards you as I try to get myself off of you, but you pull me back onto you. We both start grinding on each other, as we start moaning and groaning, and then just like that you cum deep inside of me. And I shake and keep tightening my ass around your cock, as your sensitive cock tries to escape but I won’t allow it, I finally got it and now it’s mine, and for as long as I want it’s mine to squeeze, tease, and play with.

I finally let you go, you pull out of me and fall on the bed next to me completely drained. And I get on my knees and start to suck your now drained and sensitive dick and I take it all in my mouth, suck as tight as I can and slowly pull it out of my mouth slowly, and flick the tip with my tongue as I let it go, sending shivers through your entire body! I keep doing this to my hearts content.

       Daddy Daughter Extreme Ageplay phone sex Game!

When Daddy comes to play with his little teen princess, for our extreme ageplay phone sex sessions- I always get a treat or two. The other night he brought me a fun little gift. It was a brand new purse, with all sorts of goodies inside, of it to play with me with. Do you want to know what he got for our daddy daughter phone sex games?

Let me tell you what he brought me. The first thing he brought his little girl was ofcourse, the purse. It was hot pink with a my pretty pony, on it, I totally love how cool it is!! My little friends at school are going to be so jelly of it! Soon, they are all going to want to come to my daddy, for some step-daddy daughter phone sex games, so they can get some cool gifts too!

I was so excited with the bag, and when I opened it I got a cool magic wand. It was also hot pink, about the size of three of my fingers. It shook a lot and made a buzzing sound like a loud bumble-bee when daddy turned it on with the remote control. He told me the magic wand was all for me, and that we would get to play with it a lot from now on, and if I was a good little girl, during our extreme ageplay phone sex I would get to play with it a lot more!!!

We started the game like we always do. I got to use my mouth to make daddy’s magic wand grow bigger and bigger! Then he got to use his mouth and tongue to make my cute bald little kitty and clitty wet with his spit! But this time it was a lot more fun because he used the pink wand on me, and it made me feel so super good! It made my little extreme ageplay pussy vibrate like nothing else, and I screamed because I liked it, so much!

Then daddy said “Ok, now it’s time for more fun! Then, I felt it entering somewhere slightly lower than my little clitty, it was going into my tiny little ageplay kitty. Daddy pushed it in as it buzzed really loud and I couldn’t stop shaking and screaming! Then Daddy put his strong tough hand on my tummy and said “good girl, your going to get a really good prize! If you win!” “Hhooow do I win?” I asked.

He said by doing what your doing now, with daddy’s magic wand instead of this little pink one. And then I said “Ok, that I’d try.” And so our daddy daughter phone sex game became so much more interesting. Daddy took the little hot pink magic wand out of my little bald kitty. Then he pulled my tiny little extreme ageplay body to the side of the bed. He knelt down to where I felt his big magic wand now doing what the other one was doing and he began to enter my little kitty. He started slowly at first. It hurt but he kept telling me I was doing a good job, and I wanted to win the game we were playing! Daddy said when I help him make a magic potion with it, I would win..

Our Ageplay fantasy was so good, and so I felt pain, and I felt good at the same time! I wanted to win the game just like I had before! Daddy tried to make his potion come out, I let him do what he needed to, so I could get that potion to win! I wanted that potion, and before I knew it, he stepped back and poured the magic potion all over my little tummy and clitty. Then daddy told his extreme ageplay phone sex princess “You Won!”.