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Stacy Pink . Performer Blog


I started my journey as a phone sex operator on 7/17/17. It's been a crazy, wild and fun ride.
It's also been disappointing at times. I get attached to my repeat callers, which is my first mistake. I love to hear from guys over and over. It's a rush to feel like they really care about me and we have this cool relationship. What I've come to learn is keeping someone around is something that I shouldn't get used to. One day they are professing their undying love and the next, poof, gone! One caller, actually broke up with me and then unfriended me. I was offended by the unfriending part.
I'm slowly getting used to the idea that the next best thing is always going to be there. Keep calling me. I'll try not to get too attached.


I love repeat callers, finding that chemistry over the phone is so rewarding. It can also be a big let down when you found chemistry with someone, they call often and poof just like that they are gone. Feels a little like a break up. Recently, this happened to me, one of my favorite callers disappeared. Naturally, I was concerned to about his wellbeing and I sent an email, no response. I waited a couple of days and sent another one. Finally, I heard back. I was told he was all in with someone else. That part was fine, the part that really bugged me was that he unfriended me. Why? I can't remain in your circle? I get attached to my callers, I love hearing from them and I actually care about them. That's the hard part, caring about people that you speak with, sometimes you get your feelings hurt. I'm learning how it is, I still love finding chemistry though!


Hi guy's! I'm bubbly, outgoing, and sweet. I'm a cute blonde that enjoys pleasuring her man. I love hearing you cum soo hard for me.I would love to be your naughty little sex doll. Fun and flirty blonde looking to fulfill fantasies! I aim to please! I'm down for whatever gets you hot!