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Naughty Nymph Kitty Performer Blog

       I'm a very sexual women with many fantasies

Ever since I can remember, I have loved sex. Everything about sex. Oral sex. I love sucking cock. It is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I love getting my pussy eaten out. I have a yummy, tight pussy. It tastes sweet. I have tasted myself before. I love all sex positions. I love being on all fours and feeling a big hard cock pounding me hard and deep. I love the feel of your hands on my hips as you are thrusting your huge, hard cock deeper and deeper. The feeling of your balls hitting my pussy. Love it. I love being on top. Bouncing up and down. My perfect boobs bouncing as I am riding your cock. I love riding you, facing away from you. I love being on bottom. Watching your cock go in and out of my pussy wile you hold yourself up. I have a fantasy of grabbing a stranger. Taking him into the bathroom of a store or restaurant, taking his pants down, and sucking on his cock. Or getting up on the sink and having him fuck me. I have so many other fantasies and I would love to tell you all about them.

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       Giving a Stranger the Ride of His Life

I woke up so horny. I always sleep naked, so I began rubbing my wet pussy to try to cum. But it wasn't working, so I jumped off my bed to grab my vibrator out of my panty drawer. I laid back on my bed and put the vibrator to my clit and tried turning it on, but it wouldn't turn on. I remembered that the batteries had did a couple days ago when I was playing with it. I realized I forgot to buy more too. "Dammit", I yelled out. I decided to just hurry and walk to the store, because it was only a couple blocks away. I hurried and put on my tight pink tank top and my short skirt. No reason to waste time putting on my panties when they would just come off right when I got home. I put on my sandals, left my house and began walking to the 7-11 by my house. I was about a block from the store when I noticed a really nice Mercedes Benz parked on the side of the road. "Hot Car", I thought to myself. I walked closer to the car and I could tell that a man was in the driver's seat. I continued walking and passed the man, but out of the corner of my eye I could see that the man was masturbating. I stopped dead in my tracks, and took a few steps back to see if I really saw what I think I saw. I was right by the man's car door, and sure enough, there he was ,right out in the open, stroking his cock. And I noticed it wasn't just any cock, his cock was very long, and wide. I felt my pussy tingle. The man looked at me, and smiled. He was gorgeous too. Without even thinking twice, I walked over to the passenger side door and opened it. I sat down, closed the door, and right away put my mouth on his gorgeous, huge cock. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking his large member while stroking his balls at the same time, while he laid his head back with pure pleasure across his face. He reached around and put his fingers in my wet, dripping pussy. I let out a moan. I wanted more. I stopped sucking his cock and put my legs over his body so that I was straddling him. Good thing I wasn't wearing any panties because he was able to slide his big, hard cock nicely in my wet, tight pussy. He was so large, and I was so tight that he had to try a few times to get all of his cock inside of my pussy. "Dam you are so tight", he said while I began grinding on his cock. It felt so good to have his cock inside of me. He began rubbing his hands on my breasts and pulled my tank top enough so he could suck on them. We began moaning together as I moved my hips up and down faster and faster. Our body parts fitting so perfectly together. I began bouncing on his cock. He was going deeper and deeper inside my tight pussy as I bounced faster and faster. We were both breathing hard and moaning with intense pleasure. I bounced on him for about 30 seconds more before we both let out a quiet scream, as we both cummed. With his cock still inside my pussy, I laid my head on his shoulder as my breathing slowed down. Then, I opened his car door and flung my legs over him to step out. Immediately I felt both our cum dripping out of my pussy. He reached in his console and grabbed a couple napkins, handing me one to wipe my pussy, as he wiped both our cum off his cock. I shut his car door. I smiled at him and walked away, leaving him with a huge smile on his face and the thought "What the fuck just happened", on his mind. I walked to my house because I didn't need batteries anymore. Not until tomorrow at least. As I opened my front door, I felt more of his big load running down my leg. I went to my bathroom and cleaned myself up. I took off my clothes and laid back down on my bed. "Man I'm exhausted", I said to myself. I smiled as I drifted off to sleep with the thought that " I just gave a stranger the ride of his life".