Jazzy Bell Performer Blog


The 💛NAUGHTY💛 things I think of at Night.
I think about all the ❤NASTY❤ things I could do to my self! I love to take my big black dildo in my 💚ANAL💚. At night before I get in bed I cream my 💙UNDIES💙. Alway making sure I hit my 💜G-SPOT💜, While 💛HAND-FUCKING💛 myself. Holding my vibrater to my ❤TAINT❤ screaming with orgasm. I just love my 💚YONI💚. Im always 💙NAUGHTY💙.

       Truth or Dare?

I pick dare! Dare me to do anything. I love to be tempted. A challenge is what I look for. So I have to suck all the chocolate off the banana without touching with my teeth. Done!... Now how far down can I go on a cucumber.. can I take it all? Legs up cucumber ready as I glide it in to my tight little pussy. My tight vag takes it all. More Truth or dare to be played so cum play it with me...Im up for the challenge... Are you with me?

       Genie Jazzy

Rub my lamp and I will grant you 3 of your most naughtiest wishes. I am Genie Jazzy I am here to please you. What are your deepest desires? I will tend to all your needs. I am your Genie.

       Lets shave that kitty...

Ive seemed to have let the kat get a little bushy. With all that bush kitty is starting to itch and I dont like to scratch my kitty. So its time to shave the kat. Taking the razor and stroking up and down. The more I stroke the smoother kitty gets. When im down im going to pet that bald kitty untill she cum.

       Cream pie

Theres this place I like to go. Its really a secret not everybody gets to go there. Not everybody can get me there but at this place theres this one ride I like to get on. As I jump up there and rap my legs around and give it stern grip of passion. I start to ride it like a bull up and down around and around. The more the motions hit my tiny pussy I just cant help myself. I have to just let go. As I fly off and hit the mat all I feel between my legs is the biggest Cream Pie ever.

       Pretty kitty

She such a pretty kitty. The way she purrrs when i pet her is so amazing. While laying on her back I stroke her slow not fast. A little rough and she fights back. No matter what shes a pretty kitty and I like that.