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       night dream

I was just out of high school working, in a local 7-11, it was late!
When he came in and started talking to me.
He was handsome and nice.
As we were talking, I could see his cock growing in his pants!
He stared at my soft supple breast, it was late so the store was empty!
I reached over and grabbed a handful of his meat.
As I spoke, “do u want some of this young tight pussy? “
He was all in!
We started kissing.
He was rubbing my hard-perky nipples, squeezing them so softly, kissing his way down my neck.
Descending my stomach, he pulled my panties down!
As he ran his tongue across my already soaking wet pussy.
It felt so good, I jumped on the counter!
Spreading my legs wide open for him to have full access to my sweet tight pussy.
His tongue made me start coming so hard, as he licked my pussy juices up, I moaned in ecstasy.
WOW! It felt so good!
I jumped down, pulling his hard cock out.
Licking his shaft and balls so softly, so slowly.
For he could feel ever centimeter of my tongue skating across his shaft.
Before slowly sliding his throbbing hard dick deep in my throat, deeper and deeper till I was chocking! Gagging all over his meat!
When he finally came, he shot a load so big, I thought I was going to drown from it!
He bent me over the counter, ramming his hard throbbing cock into my tight swollen pussy.
Thrusting it in fast!
I was moaning and screaming in pure ecstasy.
Cumming over and over!
That’s when he picked me up, placing me on the counter again.
Pulling my legs up over his head, exposing my tight swelled pussy, forcing his cock in again!
He fucked me so good, my legs gave out, he filled my pussy full of his sweet cum.
When he pulled out, it started running down my pussy and across my sweet tight ass.
I could feel the wetness all around my ass, from me Squirting so hard!
It felt amazing!
What this stranger did to me, that’s when I woke up!
Realizing I was home, in bed alone.
My bed was soaked in my cum!
My pussy was so wet, that was one yummy dream!
I loved what he did to me and my sweet dripping wet pussy.