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oakley ann Performer Blog

       waiting for that dominant<3

im still waiting for that dominant, the one that wants to own me. an older man that has a sense for dominating his subs every move, i love that. text throughout the day and tell me what to do, call me and tell me how to cum. one that wants to make his princess obey his every word. a older dominant that gets off knowing he provides for his slave slut that has to obey him or she will be cut off until she listens. mm it turns me on thinking a man could own me.

       the first time my daddy played with me

i remember the first time my daddy played with me. it started out with us playing on the bed, he was tickling me and we were laughing, when he started groping my breasts. at first, i was uncomfortable, but when he pulled up my shirt and started pinching my nipples i got so wet. then he started sucking on them and i remember that was the first rush of wetness id ever felt run through my cunt. didnt take long before my clit started throbbing and i started to moan. i told him it felt so good, so he told me he wanted me to feel something even better. he threw me on my back and pulled off my shorts and panties, spread my legs wide open. i can never forget the feel of his mustache in between my legs, or his lips on mine. his tongue felt so good, and he knew how to hit my clit juuust right. finally i couldnt take it , it felt sooo good, my legs started trembling, and i came in his mouth. he licked and sucked up my wet young juices. i couldnt wait till he did it again.