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       It's Hump Day.

Can you beiieve that it is hump day? This week has sure flown by.As you can probably tell, I am very sexual. I lost my virginity last year. It was with my ex boyfriend. I remember how much I enjoyed the experience. He made everything so smooth.He knew it was going to be my first time.I was surprised, with how gentle he was with me. I will be your special girl tonight. My voice is sweet and innocent.


       My Neighbor Caught Me Masturbating!

OMG, the other day I was in my pool masturbating. I wasn't expecting my neighbor to be seeing me. He was standing behind t he fence, the whole time. It sure was a wild night. I don't remember how long I lasted for. I've been living here for almost twenty years. When I finished, I turned around a nd noticed that he was looking right at me, with his pants down,