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       Private College Spankings.

I remember back when I was a freshman in College. I was a pretty wild girl. Every night, I was out at the frat parties. I must have slept with over ten guys. I can't remember any of their names lol. The first one I went to was fun. I had an orgy with three men. It wasn't something that I was planning on doing. I wore the sexiest thing in my dorm closet. I also put on my red bright pink pimps. It made me look taller. I tore off my clothes. I did some crazy lesbian things too. All of the frat men were drooling. I did it with multiple people. I lost track of how many. Each day, I think of all the good times I had in my College years.


       Putting Up The Xmas Tree!

I was naked earlier, when I put up my little Christmas tree. it was quite joyous. I wrapped t he silver tinsel around my body too. I have always wanted to do that. I didn't bother, putting my curtains up. I didn't care, who saw me, from outside. I had the heat turned up, so I wouldn't be cold. I put on some holiday music. It took me two hours. Now, that my tree is up, I'm in a kinky mood. I just stepped into my bedroom. Now all i need is a naked man, to stop by.


       It's Hump Day.

Can you beiieve that it is hump day? This week has sure flown by.As you can probably tell, I am very sexual. I lost my virginity last year. It was with my ex boyfriend. I remember how much I enjoyed the experience. He made everything so smooth.He knew it was going to be my first time.I was surprised, with how gentle he was with me. I will be your special girl tonight. My voice is sweet and innocent.


       My Neighbor Caught Me Masturbating!

OMG, the other day I was in my pool masturbating. I wasn't expecting my neighbor to be seeing me. He was standing behind t he fence, the whole time. It sure was a wild night. I don't remember how long I lasted for. I've been living here for almost twenty years. When I finished, I turned around a nd noticed that he was looking right at me, with his pants down,