Alyce Baby Performer Blog

       Pink fantasy

Its not my birthday or anyones birthday but you want to surprise me. My sweet tooth, my love of pink and pretty things. You come in with a paper bag the type that you put presents in setting it next to me where im sleep on the couch. Hair still partially damnp from when you had texted me to get ready for you and the surprise your coming home with. You have lots of gifts to give me. The first one is a large teddy bear that was hiding beheind you. You place it on the couch and there is an attachment for a dildo which you have as well. "Come here princess sit up, on your knees now." I hold up my babydoll dress so you can pull my white satin panties down to my thighs exposing me. I only wear panties for you because normally i don't see the need for them. The first item in the bad is a tube of princess pink frosting you squirt some on to your finger moving beheind me. "This is your lube today pretty girl, something sweet for my cupcake." you take your time fingering me, smearing frosting against my clit pushing it inside me making me squirm on two finger and melting frosting. The dildo on the teddy is big not as big as you but close so you stop at two fingers because you want to see me cry because im so achey from it being big and not being stretch enough. "I'd put you panties your little slut mouth but then i wouldn't be able to hear you." you tell me guiding the pink dildo to my hole adding more frosting to it before pushing my hips down quickly so soft teddy bear hair rest against my bottom. You like my trembling lips, the way they taste better. "There you are. Isn't that better?" of course it is but its hard to speak or breath when im so overwhelmed. You're quicker to take out the other presents from the bag. Cute washi tape with heart on it, a soft purple bullet vibrator. cuffs. You tape the vibrator so that it lays on its lowest setting against in the fold of my vagina so that when i ride the dildo the teddys big tummy will push it back and forth against my princess parts. Your put my hands over teddies head pressing my wrists into soft padded cuffs. "Now baby, I'm going to go make you some pretty cupcakes and while i do that i want you to ride teddy until i'm done do you understand." You put your thumb on my lips smearing my pretty cherry lips gloss as i nod your hand wanders down to smack my cheek. "Hurry up, show daddy you like your presents." I raise up and sink back down feeling full and sticky. I don't know if im crying because i'm stretched full or your teasing but little tears fall from my face and it makes you smiles so i smile too. "Good baby and remember." You say leaning over the couch wiggling past the vibrator stuffing a finger next to the dildo im bouncing up and down on slowly, thighs already shaking." Don't come until i give you permission." You leave putting the fingers that were inside me in your mouth heading to the kitchen.

       June fantasy

Every day this week i've woken up want to touch myself. Maybe its because i shaved my pussy, it makes me feel more innocent, more like i need someone to touch me too. So I sit on the floor putting my cute pink vibrator against my panties thinking about having someone tell me how pretty i look getting wet. I imagine faving fingers in my mouth and holding my hips even though i get squirmy because the vibrations are so intense. In this fantasy i have a daddy who telling me to come so i get all relaxed that he can fuck me because he's not using anymore lube than what i give. Daddy tell me that as soon as i come he's going to pick me up and put me on his big cock because he doesn't care how over stimulated i am he knows his slutty princess is going to want another orgasm. He like the way i moan tiredly fucking up into me. The way cum dribbles from my pussy and he makes me put my fingers back in my hot baby cunt to stop from making a mess. calling me a dirty little girl even though he made me messy in the first place.