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       Dom and I (Part One)

The first time I met Dominic, he had picked me up after my last class on Friday. Wearing my short red skirt, knee-high stockings, and my white blouse, I slipped into his car. We had chatted a little on Tinder before, and I really wasn't looking to fuck. Especially with a married man. That was, until I heard my phone *ding*, and I was met with a picture of a glorious, thick cock, just begging to be sucked. Pleasantries exchanged, we headed towards the hotel. His hand on my thigh, softly stroking it..

"Does he know I'm not wearing any panties? I hope my pussy doesn't leave a wet spot on the seat," I thought to myself, fidgeting in my seat.

When we entered the hotel room, he made me drop to my knees. This was my first random "hookup", and I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew he was more of the dominant type, but I had never explored my submissive side. Would I even enough being told what to do?

He wrapped his hands around my hair and pulled it all up. He snapped an elastic band around my long red hair, creating a messy ponytail. While I was trying to understand his reasoning for this, his pants dropped to his ankles.

"Suck it, slut." He growled.

Something inside me awoke. I suddenly felt like I needed to suck his cock, almost as if my life depended on it. I wrapped my soft pink lips around the head of his cock. My hands immediately gripped his thighs. I started slobbering on his member when *smack* he slapped my cheek!

"No hands, dumb slut. Mouth only. Go."

My mouth went back to work, covering his thick cock with my saliva. He let me take my time, getting used to the size of his cock in my mouth. After a few minutes passed, he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock deep down my throat. Immediately, I gagged, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Who's a good little slut? Do you like sucking Daddy's cock?" He asked, hands still on my head, forcing his cock to hit the back of my throat.

"Mmmhmm... hmm... grmmm..." was all I managed to get out, around his fat member in my mouth.

I'll never forget what came next. I used my tongue to stroke the length of his cock, and I felt it pulse! I knew he was close. I took my lips off his cock and started to lick and lap at his balls. I took one in my mouth, then the other. I felt him reach for his cock and start stroking it.

"That's it, baby.. Make me cum. You sucked daddy's cock so good.. You deserve my cum, slut." He moaned as I teased his balls.

When he started to cum, he yanked my head back in place. He shot rope after rope of hot cum all over my face and in my hair. I felt the cum drip from my chin onto my shirt. I looked up at him, with my big blue eyes, almost begging for more of his time.. More of his cock.. More of his cum.
He took his hand and smeared the cum all over my face, chuckling.

"Just as a true cumslut should look like.. Don't bother cleaning up. I'm taking you out to dinner, and I want everyone to know what a nasty little whore you are. Oh, and don't make any plans for this weekend. You're mine to use as I please."

Teen Kelly