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       A Succubus Fantasy Tale!

Dear Dirty Diary- I was visited by a succubus!

A succubus visited me last night and now- I‘m freaking out!! I woke up with my pussy dripping wet with my pussy cream all over my sheets- and me! I dreamt of a fucking hot girl!! It wasn’t just any old hot girl!! It was a hot bitch who was up for anything in my anything goes phone sex dream with a succubus!!

I remember it all so vividly, I was trying on my new bra looking at my tight little body and hot tits in the mirror and then she opened the door behind me, she walked right up to me, and I wasn’t startled one little bit, I let her wrap her arms around me, and I saw her in the mirror. Her long blonde hair, cascaded over my shoulder as she rested her beautiful face with those eyes that burned into me as she gazed at my eyes, then down at the reflection of my firm supple breast, and then down at my completely exposed tight teen pussy.

She turned me around and got down on her knees right in front of me, and started licking my teen fantasy clit. Tasting me, getting me wet. She was like a maniac for it, and I let her do to me what she wanted! I looked into the mirror, I saw the way my tits bounced up and down in the mirror as she worked her fingers deeper and deeper into my little tight pussy, the way I jumped as she forced my legs open and she buried her face into my sexy kat!! “Oh that feels so fucking good!” I said as I tried to adjust myself to accommodate her.

She then looked up at me and slowly rose onto her feet, and with a hunger that no amount of pussy could calm, bent down and started to bite down on my breast, I had taken my bra off by this point and had been playing with myself, but she bite me so hard that I let out a yell, and stepped back.

She kept up with my pace, and as I stepped back, she stepped forward and before I knew it she threw me on my couch and jumped on top of me!! She kept on biting my firm and now tender breast, and as she did this, without warning her fingers once again found their way into my pussy. She pushed them in deeper and deeper. Faster and Harder! I could do nothing but allow this sexy woman on top of me to finger fuck me, as she helped herself to a mouthful of my breast.

It was amazing; my world was spinning as I came over and over again. She wouldn’t stop- not that I wanted her to. She was amazing, and when I woke up, I could barely move. My hot succubus fantasy dream, took it out of me! And I’m ready to do it again, so I hope she comes to visit me again tonight. So now I’ll say a prayer, and hope she does!

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for her to cum eat me!! And if I cum before I wake, I hope to make her cum too!” Good night all, and sexy dreams!!

If you want to us to have our own sexy dream fantasy call me!!

XOXO, Sexy Sarah

       Mature sexy woman rocks at blasphemy fantasy

Mature sexy woman rocks at blasphemy fantasy

“That mature sexy woman is so hot” I said to myself as I fantasized about her as she passed our exams back to us. Just looking at her gorgeous blue eyes makes me wet, it makes me wonder what type of reaction she’d get from me if I got to see more of her. Just fantasizing about this mature sexy woman, gets my juices flowing in my tight little teen fantasy pussy.

In just 15 minutes, I’ll be dismissed for the weekend, and it’s PARTY TIME! You know how us naughty catholic school girls get down- it’s your teen fantasy come true!! And this weekend is going to get Lit! I’m finally going to be able to get out of this pussy palace I call school! Then the school’s head administrator walked in, Father John came in to announce that this weekend a few of us girls would have to stay in school to help our teachers make preparations for our spring festival, and sure enough I was on the list. I could only hope that I don’t get stuck with a bitch of a teacher, like Ms. Eyre now there is one that is not a mature sexy woman.

“Great. There goes my weekend!” I though to myself with a deep sad internal sigh. “Well, Mother Robinson, Your assigned helper this weekend will be Sarah.” I heard the priest say to her, and I instantly stood up, like the bratty teen teacher’s pet that I am and said “Great! When do we start?” She looked at me and softly touched my shoulder, which made my pussy start to salivate again, and said “tomorrow first thing in the morning.” I went home that night and played with myself till I came, thinking about being with this mature sexy woman all day tomorrow.


When I woke up I jumped in the shower, as I lathered my fantasy teen body, my mind began to race with thoughts of her and me, I and played with my sexy teen cunt until I came in the shower. I showed up to her class first thing in the morning just like I was instructed, I was allowed to be out of uniform that day since we’d be decorating. So I wore a tiny blue jean skirt, that barely covered anything at all, and a white tank top that showed just the right amount of my firm teen fantasy breast popping out.

I could tell Ms. R, got excited when she saw me, although this she acted like she wasn’t. She asked me to decorate some posters that were laid on the tiny table next to her desk, so in order to color it in I had to bend over exposing my perfect teen fantasy ass to her.

She acted like she wasn’t looking but when I bent over enough, our eyes met, and I caught her looking straight at my ass. It made this mature sexy woman blush and she didn’t know what to do, she rushed over to the door slammed it behind her mature sexy ass, then proceeded to live out her blasphemy fantasy with me, without warning she began to spank me, with a wooden yard stick.

She spanked my teen fantasy ass, over and over until it was red and purple, and I was about to cry. When she saw my tear filled eyes, as she yelled something to me, it was like my she was overtaken by a demon or something I can’t explain, our blasphemy fantasy, turned this mature sexy woman on so much that, as I stood there with my skirt wrapped around my tummy, my white panties around my thighs and my sore red teen fantasy ass, and pussy exposed she began to play with me.

I stood there and allowed myself to enjoy what this mature sexy woman was doing to me. Finally, I was living out my blasphemy fantasy too! She laid me down on top of the posters, and got on top of me and ate my teen fantasy pussy out all day, without rest, and I got my first taste of a mature sexy woman’s pussy! It was delicious, and I want more!

If you want to live out your blasphemy fantasy with me!! Call me now!! I have no limits and no taboos! and would love to cum with you, as we both live out our own fantasies!


Sexy Sarah!

       Dear Dirty Diary- My first time doing anal sex

Dear Dirty Diary,

I’m back, and guess what Cupid has totally shot me!! I think I’m in love and I think he is the one, like you know what I mean “THE FUCKING ONE!” Anyways let me tell you about our date, I feel so naughty again, I did something that honestly I didn’t really think I”d ever do with someone, like ever. I had anal sex with him, and it was FUCKING HOTT!!!! The date started out normal enough without any indication that we would end up together later that evening, especially not doing that. We went to a movie of my choice, and then we went out to a restaurant again of my choice. We pretty much hit it off really well, throughout the night we have so much stuff in common it’s not even funny, Amanda was right about us being just like each other, which I think she had mentioned a few times to me before.

Anyways let me get to the good part! After our date, we went back to his apartment, and while we were on his couch, he began to run his arms up and down my back and to run his fingers through my hair, and to lightly pull on my hair, making my head tilt backwards just a little bit, while he began to kiss and suck on my neck, and let me tell you Diary he is a good kisser!!

After a few moments of this I began to get HOT!! He pulled on my pink thong that I had chosen-just in case ;), and the next thing I know he had my shirt and my pants off! So there I am on top of this guy in just my pink lace bra and panties and then his fingers started to work their way under my thong, and I began to get wet. He felt it, and smiled he continued then he grabbed onto me by my ass cheeks and without warning picked me up and walked me over to his bed.

When we made it to the room, he stood in front of the bed, and with, super human like strength he threw me onto the bed. He then quickly proceeded to take his clothes off too and then jumped into bed with me.

He put his hand on my already dripping wet cunt, only to tease me a bit, he laid down on top of me and positioned his rock hard cock up against the entrance of my pussy, and with one quick thrust he pushed his way into my pussy and I was his, he looked straight into my eyes as he did it too, and it was so good. “OHHH!” I squealed, “That was kind’ve fast.” I told him but he didn’t pay much attention to that, he proceeded to kiss me right on my lips as his cock made itself at home inside of me. It felt so good, I don’t think I’d had a cock that big ever so it hurt, but it also felt soo danm good!!!!

The whole time he is fucking me, he was also massaging my ass cheeks with both of his hands, pulling my ass cheeks apart and spanking them hard, which made my whole body jump and pushing his cock even deeper into me. It was hot, it was good like nothing i'd felt before!

Then before I knew it, he grabbed me, turned me over onto my stomach. I was excited but slightly naive, I thought he was gonna fuck me doggy style, but that was not the case. I felt a strong sting in my backside, before I could even gasp he started to push his big cock into my ass. I screamed and asked him to stop, "No. Please I've never done that!" He paused kissed me on my back, and said "Your going to love it!" While, he pushed himself onto me, gaining an inch or two in the process. "AHH!" I squirmed underneath him, giving him pleasure I couldn't comprehend at the moment.

Well as he went deeper into my tight virgin asshole, the sting began to feel better and better, I was beginning to love it!! It was amazing, the pain quickly turned to pleasure and I Pleasure that I had never felt before, the type of pleasure that makes you wonder why you’ve never done that before, the type of pleasure that takes you to the edge and back. I could feel his cock growing in my ass, as he went in and out, his moans began to grow in pitch and began to get closer to each other he was about to cum and I could tell. "OH! Fuck yeah! Your ass is so fucking tight and hot!" He told me in-between his moans and groans of pure ecstasy.

I began to let loose and pump my ass faster and harder onto him, I felt his balls slap against my tight wet pussy, and then suddenly after awhile of this motion, I felt his hands dig into my hips and spread my ass cheeks as far apart as he could, as he pulled my shaking body onto his- he came inside of me. And I felt his warm sweet cum fill my ass. He wanted to pull out, but I didn't let him. I collapsed into the bed, and grabbed his arms and had him fall on top of me, with his cock still in my tight dripping asshole, while I massaged his cock with my ass and he played with my tits for awhile, until we both had the strength to go for round two.

Let me confess, that I loved getting fucked in my ass!!! I WANT MORE, so call me up so we can chat and you can fuck my tight ass too!

Love Sarah!

       Diary Confession- I'm so horny!!

Dear Dirty Diary.

It's Sunday night, and i'm sitting here at home totally bored!! I'm thinking about the last time that me and one of my guys met up. We had anal sex and it was fucking hot!! I wish I had someone right now to fuck me good, long, and hard. Oh the idea of it makes me wet just thinking about it.

So here I am playing with my tight wet pussy, and craving a man's tasty big hard cock! Now both in my pussy and in my ass. I'm actually craving, for you to call me, and to tell me how you'd fuck me! I want you to tell me how you want to fuck me, where you want to fuck me!! Call me now, i'm horny and wet, and I want to cum hard!

I'm waiting for your call right now, so please help me get off and i'll help you get off too!

Love Sarah!

       What I love to talk about!

Hi there I'm Sarah! I'm 19 and I'm always up for having some down and dirty fun!! I love to get nasty and naughty! And while I love doing all types of calls, I do have some that are my absolute favorites to do!

Sexy Sarah's Favorite Phone Sex Topics to talk about!

- YOU! My favorite thing to talk about is you , my awesome and dirty client!! I love learning about all of your dreams, desires, especially the nasty ones, and I love to fulfill each of those desires!
- I LOVE BEING SUBMISSIVE! Take me over your lap and spank me SUPER HARD!! If i'm a bad girl, and make me beg for your cock please, and once I get it, always make me say "Thank You!" And when I don't, I might just have to get spanked again, even harder with a wooden paddle, while you strap me down, put a vibrator in my ass and push it deeper with each spank you gave me!
- ANAL SEX!!! Whether you go gently or bang the hell out of me as fast and hard as you can, ever since my first time doing anal, I've become the biggest anal whore around, and I can't get enough of your stiff prick balls deep inside of my ass!
- AGE PLAY!! I'll be any age you like, anything goes with me!! I have no taboos, and I don't judge, I can be your little girl, your niece or just a crush you saw on the street somewhere! I think these calls are SUPER FUN!!
- GIRL ON GIRL CHATS. I love being with girls, and boys!! I really am super open minded and love to experiment with girls, we are just so sensual, loving, soft, and sexy as FUCK!
- LEARNING NEW THINGS! I love to talk about anything really, but I especially love to learn about things I didn't know about, so come on won't you be my teacher?
I'd love to chat with you about anything I've just mentioned, or any other nasty and crazy thing you can think for us to do!!! So come on call me so we can both cum like crazy!

Love Sarah!!

       Dear Dirty Diary- My relationship with daddy isn't what you think...

“Oh! Oh! Fuck Yes!” Was what I woke up screaming last night, in a cold sweat, from this really naughty wet dream I had. I can’t believe I’m about to admit this, but for the past few years, I’ve been having a relationship with someone who I shouldn’t be, (according to a lot of people- but whatever I like it!!!), but honestly I don’t care that it’s a taboo relationship! That just makes it even hotter!

See here is my confession diary, I’m having a relationship with my daddy, and not just an innocent and sweet little “I love you daddy,” relationship. It’s a fucking hot as fuck, hot as SEX- the sex with daddy that we’ve been having now for years!!! And here is a further confession, even though I pretended at first that I didn’t like it, I actually loved every singe second of it!!

I love being my daddy’s fuck toy! I love being my daddy’s go to girl every time that mommy isn’t around the house! I want more of it, I want to by my daddy’s sex toy, for him to come and fuck me every day not just once a week. Let me tell you how it all started!

It started some years ago, when mommy was out of town for a few weeks, I could tell that my daddy, was feeling super nervous and upset, fidgety for whatever reason, the whole time, so after this went on for a few days I asked him, what was wrong. At first he brushed me off and he’d say nothing. But on this one Saturday morning I had a sleep over at my friend’s house, and when I got home I came in through the kitchen and heard my dad in the living room. “Dad I’m home!” I yelled! I heard him freak out, fidgeting around the living room, the TV. was a little loud and by the sounds of things I thought that he might have been watching a scary movie, I walked into the living room and when I saw my daddy standing in the middle of the living room with no clothes and a porno playing behind him, while some really hot bitch who looked like me, got fucked from behind I freaked out and spilled the ice cold water all over my white spaghetti-strap shirt, making it super see through.

Daddy froze for a second, and stared straight at my tits, making his cock get hard right in front of me. His cock grew longer and fatter, literally in front of my eyes! I stood there in amazement, I didn’t know what to do, I had never seen a cock before this moment, but daddy knew exactly what to do.

He instantly pulled me towards him by the arm, and said, “Oh honey, you must be freezing, come here and let me warm you up.” I did as he motioned me to do. He stood right behind me, pulled my shirt down to my tummy exposing my wet, round, firm and supple breast. He turned me to face the TV, and it felt so good, as daddy caressed my boobs, with his strong arms, and cupped my breast as I stood there with all forms of new and exciting sensations flowing through me.

Then I started to feel wet down there, in my tight virgin pussy. As I felt daddy’s cock push up against my butt cheeks through my panties, and without a word, suddenly daddy bent me over the couch, spread my legs apart just a little, and with one strong tug pulled my panties down to my thighs exposing my juicy sweet ass to him and, then he took his strong hard cock and pushed it deep into my little tight virgin pussy! I squirmed on the couch and yelled, while he moved his hands over my back, and then tightly grasped onto to my hips, to keep me in place right where he wanted me. We continued like that for what seemed like forever to me, before I knew it he let out a tight groan, and then daddy pulled me towards him even harder, and I felt a warm sensation, an explosion inside of my tight little pussy, and then a warmth I couldn’t explain filled my little pussy. From that moment I knew I was daddy's fuck toy forever, and I loved being daddy's sex toy! We stayed in that position for a while, until daddy pulled out off my tight pussy, as it squeezed every inch of daddy's cock.

When I managed to stand up, he came up real close to me, as I felt daddy's dripping cock push up against my aching backside, “you’re a good little girl for daddy, you can’t tell mommy ok.” I said “Ok, daddy, I promise it will be our secret.” And ever since then daddy fucks me once a week when mommy is asleep.

But shh... you have to keep my secret or else daddy might punish me!!! So if you want to have a secret with me, just call me right now and I promise I won't tell, or else you might have to punish me, daddy!

I'm waiting for you in my bedroom.

Love You little girl Sarah!

       I need a fuck buddy!

So here I sit alone in my room, another summer evening with nothing to do. This Summer Vacation is totally not what I thought it would be. Last Summer all I did was get fucked over and over again, but this summer I’ve not gotten any and it’s my lack of sex, is driving me insane, and making me sad.

I’m the kind of girl who loves to have sex, who loves to explore all the dirty and naughty ideas that come about from having a great sex partner, especially an older sex partner, kind’ve like let me see who do I think is good? Who could be a good, fun fuck buddy for me?

BANG! BANG! – “Oh my God! What was that?” I jumped up at the sudden sounds that, sounded like a gun that went off, but I know better it’s my neighbor’s crappy car. I walk over to the window to look outside, and sure enough there he is, Mr. Zee our neighbor and my dad’s best friend. “Oh he’d be a good fuck buddy.” I thought to myself as I watch his strong arms working on his car hood. I forget that I’m standing next to the window wide open in just a tiny bra, and my panties with my dark hair dripping wet because I just came out of the shower a little while ago, and my fingers start working their way slowly to my pussy that is growing wetter by the minute. I reach down under my panties and start to stroke my clit slowly, as the thoughts of me and my neighbor taking control of me get me so horny.

“Oh no- he saw me!” I quickly realize that he was watching me play with myself. Then I peeked my head out innocently, and completely embarrassed. He is now standing next to his car, but looking straight at the window, facing away from his car, with a devious smile on his face. “Oh God, he liked my little show!” He motioned me over to his house, I smiled and biting my lip I signaled to him in a few minutes. I hurried through my clothes and tried to pick something that would be sexy, enticing, and that would show a lot of cleavage too. The thought of letting my neighbor fuck me, is something I have fantasized about for so long, and now I think it’s gonna happen.

I grabbed a very short jean mini skirt, a bright red top that was just one size too small, pulled it down all the way it would go, exposing my firm breast, and checked myself out in the mirror. “Oh he is going to fuck this!” I said as I slipped on my high heels and went out the door.

When I made it to his yard, he said hello and greeted me with a tight and very firm hug, his hands slipped a little lower than was customary but I didn’t mind. “Wow, don’t you look delicious.” He said very slowly, eyeing me up and down as he did, “I don’t just look delicious”, I said back to him while returning the smile. “We’ll that is to be seen.” I smiled and blushed, nervously. “What are you up to tonight?” He asked me, “Nothing much, my parents are out for a work thing again, so I’ll be alone all night again.” I answered. “Oh, no well we can’t have that,” he said “Why don’t you stay with me tonight then, so that we both won’t be lonely.” I asked about his wife “Oh, she’s out of town visiting her mother. So I’ll be home alone all night again too.” He said, “Well we can’t have that.” I said jokingly and slightly mockingly, as I walked over to the hood of his car picked up a wrench and bent over pretending like I was going to actually do something.

He laughed walked right up behind me, to were I could feel his hard cock through my clothes, and said “I have a better idea, why don’t you leave that,” while pushing himself practically on top of me and grabbing the wrench from my hand, then grabbing my waist to turn me around, “and go inside. I have something more fun we could do.” He lead me inside of his house by my waist and closed the door behind us.

If you want to know what happened after, give me a call and I'll let you in on all of the dirty details!

Sexy Sarah!

       Dear Dirty Diary! I'm a married man's accomplice!

So I have a new secret to confess to you!! I sometimes sleep with a married man. I am his accomplice and I help him cheat on his wife. I am a good little accomplice for him, I let him fuck me on his wife’s bed, and it drives him wild!! I’d never tell about me and my babe!!!

We normally start off our encounters in the same way, we talk about how we have been doing! We chit chat for a little bit, and then depending on where we are sitting, I’ll make my move in one of two ways.

If me and my man (because that’s what he is!! MINE FUCK HIS WIFE!) are on the couch I’ll move my hand slightly over his leg, dangerously close to his crotch, and cuddle up on his chest, giving him the perfect view of my soft supple breast, that he just loves to squeeze and suck on!!! I’ll grab his hand, and place it right under my boob! I slowly move my hand up his leg and over his crotch. And “Oh my god love, your cock is so hard for me!” I instantly turn around with a wild look in my eye and spread my legs over him, he pulls my shirt down and starts to play with my soft breast, and I turn into his perfect sexy accomplice. I kiss his lips and rip his shirt off as he rips my clothes off. He’ll carry me to his wife’s bed, and make me suck his delicious dick, then he'll give it to me nice and hard on that stupid bitch’s bed.

If we don’t start on the couch he’ll ask me to go straight into his bedroom, and I’ll walk in behind him, as he leads me into the room by my hand. He turns to me, his willing accomplice and rips my clothes right off my body and throws it on the floor right next to his wife’s bed. And he’ll make out with me, play with my tight pussy and ask me to suck his amazing dick! I go crazy and get so wet, with the taste of his dick as he plays with my tight little pussy, preparing his accomplices’ pussy for his hard dick to enjoy!

When I can’t take it anymore, I demand him to cum into me !!! I need it! I want it!! “Fuck me hard on your wive’s bed!” I tell him, and he does. I love every second of it!” I love being his little slut, his little go to accomplice to help him fulfill his every desire!

I love when my married man makes me his good little accomplice! I love being his mistress and helping him cheat on his wife with me! I feel so lucky that I get to be his accomplice- my married man's accomplice, that he chose me to fuck on his wife’s bed!! And I hope he keeps fucking me like this, every chance we get!!! He said that next time his wife is out of town, he is going to take me out on his boat, and fuck me right on the starboard. He said people might see, and being the willing and good accomplice that I am, I said “Good! That will be fun!” Maybe his wife will see us fuck on her boat, and I’ll help him make the her jealous!

If you'd like us to start a affair of our own and turn me into your willing accomplice, don't wait! Call me now!

Sexy Sarah!