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Little Asian Angel Performer Blog

       Dark Little Asian Angel

Growing up in a family with conservative values was really hard for me as I am the only girl in in the family. Family members and even relatives always expect us to behave accordingly. My mother use to say when I was a little girl I must take care of my virginity, wait until I get married before enjoying sex with one man only. Many rules she always tells me almost every day. Do not wear short that my butt people can almost see. Wear a long skirt and top that covers even my elbow must not show. Don’t let any man touch you or look at you in lustful way. But hey, I've learned otherwise from Daddy. Daddy is a bit naughty you see. I have secrets about my Daddy.

Now that I am away from home, I am tired of behaving. Inside my bedroom is full of sinful desires. I lay naked in bed at night , soft sheets on my bed feels good, rubbing my body gently, exciting my nipples and every part of me. Like a pussycat twisting and yearning to be touch. The darkness that surrounds me, with the exception of the low light coming from outside my window. I have a dark craving for an older man to come and touch me as my hand caress my breast, playing my nipples with my fingers,, squeezing them and I love the feeling of a tingling sensation between my legs every time I do it. How I wish he can fuck me, sinful desire growing inside.I play with my nipple a little more, and then my other hand reached for my pussy.
I play with my pussy, rolling it gently between my fingers. I rub my clit lightly. Oh its feels really good
I am thinking of his lips, hard sensitive cock, his hands and tongue forcing to enter my tight pussy mmmmmmmmm just the sight of it in my mind gives me such extreme orgasm.

Come and join your Dark Little Asian Angel as I explore and indulge the dark side of me. Share you secrets and sinful desires, be free like me.Let's have fun and enjoy the sweet ecstasy of fulfilling you fantasy, sinful dark craving and wild hot desires.