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       Mommy Knows Best :)

I am a naughty mommy you know. My teenage son can attest to that. Ever since that first time I walked in on him jerking off by accident and offered to help much to his surprise, I've been showing my son the ropes for years and he's become an expert lover under my guidance. He has girlfriend's too, but at that age, they simply cannot get enough, I know he'd be jerking off five times a day if I didn't drain him!

That young cock of his, fuck, it's as hard as steel when he gets going. I know most of you guys wake up with morning wood and I like to get him first thing in the morning when he's hard and ready. Waking him up with my lips wrapped around his cock makes for a nice start to both our days. He thought he was having a dream the first time I did that and surprised him, and he started calling out his girlfriend's name, then he woke up and looked down and saw it was mommy that had that hard cock between her lips, and he put his hand on the back of my head and started moaning for mommy, not his girlfriend.

After sucking on that hard cock for a while, I like to just get on top of him and straddle that young meat and slide it into my pussy. I'm always wet for my son, and I love to ride him until those young balls fill up with cum and fill his mommy's pussy to the point of over flowing. Lots of times he's ready to go again in a few minutes, and I never disappoint him with my willing pussy at his disposal. I want to please my son as much as he pleases me, and I think I've been doing a good job of it.

       A Nuturing GFE Phone Sex MILF ~

My hardworking fuck toy came home the other night so exhausted. He’s been putting in longer hours for a few weeks since someone else left and they haven’t filled the position yet, so he’s been handling the extra workload for the most part. I decided to treat him to an evening of pampering just for him. He came in and I’d laid extra sheets on the bed and was going to give him a massage. I’d gotten some vanilla scented massage oil I had warming in a hot water bath the bottle was soaking in, and I’d filled the room with candles. I undressed him and laid him on the bed and told him tonight was just about him. He let me rub him all over and he said it was the most relaxed he’d been in weeks. I soothed his strained muscles and worked them hard in my hands, then once his body was done I moved down to his beautiful cock and gave it a nice, firm hand job and tugged and pulled on his cock just the way he likes. Taking his shaft in my hand and pumping it, taking my thumb and massaging his ball sac, that always drives him crazy. I rubbed his balls and teased him with my hands and fingers and then lowered my mouth down onto his cock and deep throat-ed it, licking the head of his cock until he squirted his load right down my waiting mouth. He was so relaxed, his breathing so deep, I loved just giving him pleasure this way and being a good cock slut to him. I loved him so much and wanted him to just enjoy and not worry about giving back for a night, he’s always so generous, I wanted to make him relax. After the massage he had a hot shower and then we ate a delicious meal I prepared and he went to bed early, relaxed and satisfied.