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Frankie and her Johnny Performer Blog


Let's get all dressed up together...
what's your favorite color ?
and your favorite cut of panties ?
Doesn't that silk bra feel good ?
And those stockings, ones with the seam up the back...hooking them to a pretty black lacey garter belt. My man likes to snap the garters...giggle, giggle.
How about the basic black dress, tight, low cut in the front and back. and short enough to see the top of the stockings when bending just right.
Shoes are always so much fun. A nice high heel and maybe a nice platform also. Do you like toes showing or not ? And what color ?
Do you like to play with make-up ? Pretty smokey eye shadow, eyes ontlined in heavey black liner and those long black lashes. And there is nothing like putting on lipstick to make a person feel all girly...
Hair...long and curly or short and straight, blond, burnette, or a red head ?
Maybe we could go shopping after getting all dressed up...pick out some new lingerie. The list is so long : panty and bra sets, camisloes, teddys, body stockings, silk stockings, garter belts, slips, pantyhoses, nighties of all kinds !
Oh my, look at all the pretty dresses...and then walking by the cosmetics, love that deep, deep, deep red lipstick. Shoes are on the left, let's look...! Boots, shoes and pretty fluffy slippers.
I'm anxious to find out what you're going to buy...then we can go home and try on all our new stuff...

       Life is a Parade !

As he marches by, he winks at me.
I think I’ll keep my eye on him. A big party is held after the parade. I’ll find him and see how long it will take me to get my hand wrapped around his cock.
He’s a tall and slender kind of guy. Sometimes they are the ones with a nice big cock. So all I can do is hope.
I’m getting excited as I walk to the party grounds ! It must be the uniforms that I'm seeing everywhere. And MEN in all different shapes and sizes. There is such a wide selection of color, the eyes, the hair, and the skin.
I finally spot him in the distance and I start to make my way to him. The closer I get the more excited I get. My cock is starting to wake and my nipples are getting oh, so hard.
I walk to him like I know who he is and then I apologize and tell him I thought he was someone else. And of course, he says he wishes he was that someone else. Smiling at him, I ask him if he’d like to get a drink together.
So we get a drink, find somewhere private to have some afternoon fun.
His uniform pants come unzipped very easy. As I take his cock out, it seems I’ve hit the jackpot. He has a very nice cock, it's just starting to get hard with a nice mushroom head and a wonderful set of balls.
His cock is waiting for me to bring my lips to the mushroom head and suck, starting to give him a blow job that he won’t forget for a very real long time.
He reaches down and pulls me to a standing position, turning me around, bending me over, putting his hand down my panties and finding a nice hard cock.
He wraps his hand around my cock and starts to stroke…so I guess the surprise is all good !
And it all started with a Parade !
Give me a call and I’ll tell you how we fucked each other.

       Watching Me through the key hole

Imagining and watching through the key hole !
The excitement of going to your knees, putting your eye to the key hole, and watching me laying on the bed, naked !
Watch me rub my titties and spread my legs as I bring my hand to my cock. Are you enjoying the view ? Lick your lips and see if you can taste what you’re watching.
As you continue watching, I wrap my hand around my cock and make it go up and down, smiling as he starts to get hard, and continue to stroke up and down a little faster. And that’s just so hot you can’t help yourself from taking your cock out of your pants and playing with him.
And in the wink of your eye, Oh my, look at the big toy I pull out from under the pillow. It’s a big orange cock ! Are you watching me lick it and suck on it ? Now I take it to my tight little hole and rub it with the head of the dildo. Do you want me to stick it in my little hole ? And fuck myself , all while you watch.
Now you can see my tight little hole. Don’t you wish your tongue was licking and lapping me right now ?
You're cock is getting harder and you can't stop stroking it while you're watching me stroke my cock, my Johnny...!
And then the explosion all over the door and you turn and leave my house.

       Frottage…What does it mean…?

Rubbing this and that together…getting each other all excited…!!!

Frottage refers to the act of rubbing body parts together for the purpose of sexual stimulation. The act of frottage usually involves two partners rubbing their genitals together, but it does not always have to involve genital contact of both partners. For instance, mammary intercourse, in which a man rubs his penis between a woman's breasts, can also be considered frottage. The word frottage is derived from the French word frotter, which means to rub.
When clothed couples engage in frottage, it is often referred to as dry humping.
Some men just have to rub up against another in order to be stimulated. Are you one of those men ? its’ so fun watching your cock get hard from rubbing him against another cock. And the other cock is also starting to get hard from all the rubbing.
Frottage, I love the word, I love saying it and love watching it in action. The cocks being held together with hands rubbing them up and down.
The act of frottage is making the two cocks so hard. They start to wrap their whole bodies around each other, falling to the bed. They move together rubbing, moaning and groaning while getting each other very stimulated and excited.
They’re each laying on their side, facing each other, causing enough rubbing to bring them both to ejaculation. One of them starts to shoot his load while they both watch. Then the other cock starts to blast his load, all over the rubbing buddy. Both start to rub their cum covered cocks together once again.
Frottage what a wonderful thing. !!!
the photo is two of my friends...great cocks !!!

       Are you curious ?

Are you Curious ?
Have you been thinking about having someone like myself for a long time ? Wondering would it would feel like having a cock in your hand other than your own. I enjoy watching a man like yourself stroking my cock, making your hand go up and down the shaft and rubbing my balls a bit. Watch him start to get hard in your hand, that’s it stroke a little tighter, a little faster. Then bend down bringing your mouth to the head of my cock, Johnny, and give him a big kiss…
Now let’s see how good you are at sucking cock…I need you to be a good little cocksucker…cum on, put his head in your mouth and suck on him…then run your tongue down the shaft to the balls and lick and lap those nice clean shaven balls…put them in your mouth and suck very lightly.
So is it anything like you thought it would be ? Is your cock getting hard ? Want more ? Want me to fuck you ? Then call and let’s play…!!!
Frankie is waiting for you to make her phone ring…

       The Best of Both Worlds

I’m just starting to get ready for bed…washing my face, brushing my hair and putting on a very pretty, sexy pink nightie…I love the way my nightie makes my titties and cock feel. The softness of the silk, the pretty pink color and watching my nipples start to get hard under the sheerness of the fabric. And what silk does to my cock is just an amazing feeling to experience. Have you ever rubbed your cock with a silk pair of panties ?
I look at my bed, all made with beautiful soft white linens and the pillows are all puffed and ready for my wonderful erotic dreams. It would be so much better if you were here with me. Climb up on the bed with me, get right between my legs and give Johnny a great big kiss right on his head…oh by the way, my cock’s name is Johnny. An old boyfriend of mine named him and the name stuck.
Johnny needs much more than just a kiss, give him a bunch of little kisses and take the tip of your tongue and play in my pee hole, tasting me. Now run your tongue down my shaft and lick and lap my balls…back up the shaft with your tongue and wrap your lips around the head and suck it like an all-day sucker. I knew you were going to be a good cock sucker !
Deep throat Johnny…over and over and over again !
Call me for the rest of the story…!!!
Frankie and her Johnny