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Daddy’s Girl Molly Performer Blog

       Daddy's little girl

In the deepest, darkest corners of a father's mind most can not fathom touching their little girls. There is that small percent thought, those who yern to feel the inside of tiny little cunts. There are those who can't find the pleausre they search for from anyone else but their little girls. Once they are 18 it's fair game, right! But what's the fun in that? Come play with me, daddy!

       Dirty Minds

When I was in high school my softball coach was sexy and totally in to me. I would wear the shortest shorts I could find to practice and it never went unnoticed. He would always pat us on the ass for a job well done but when it came to me he lingered a little longer and would feel me up. I loved it and did everything I could to provoke his lust for me. One day after practice I came out of the shower to find him in the locker room...and I was the only girl left, I had just turned 18 a week earlier and he knew he could now play with me......wanna hear the rest of the story? Call me for more sexy details!🔥