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Anything goes Latina Performer Blog

       A little tease :)

Well I'm home alone and I just got in from the gym took a nice shower, I look divine. My perfect breast are nice and hard and my pussy feels so smooth. I'm prancing around after a long day completely nude, Thinking of the wildest scenarios, wanting to engage and talk to someone who is willing to play out their fantasies with me. I just want you to cumm for me while I rub my clitty and tease my tits .
Lets cum together and make this happen.


       Latina teen camila

Hi there this is my first blog I'm going to make it short and sweet.

A few things to know about me, I am really the girl you see here. I have no taboos I can do just about anything you'd like. I want to fulfill your fantasies to the fullest, I am a mix of different ethnicity I have Brazilian,Colombian Puerto Rican and Lebanese in me. I was born in Sunny Los angeles lived bicoastally most my life 7 months of the year I would be with my mom in Socal, and 4-5 months of the year I would live in Soflo, I also would take plenty of vacations to visit family in Brazil, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. I speak perfect english but if you crave me to speak spanish I will certainly do that for you papi. I will not say anything in spanish if you don't want or ask me to. I understand you might want a Bubbly cute california girl, That is exactly what I am, I think being latina is just a great plus. I love to seduce guys I love how older men look at me it just makes me so wet, TO KNOW THAT LITTLE ME has all this POWER. I enjoy using it I love when guys spoil me I also love being dominated and dominating, I am just an ultra chill girl with lots of personality and range. I work hard for the body I have and I expect to get you turned on when you see my curvy body tight toned tummy, and Big NATURAL BOOBS, YES natural I may live in LALA LAND but these bad girls are all MINES, My bubble butt as well, I HAVE TO thank the Brazilian/Puerto rican genes I get from my momma, The dark straight hair and busty boobs are definitely from my Colombian/Lebanese Roots. To top it of I have the most gorgeous tan and cutest doll face, IF I MAY SAY SO MYSELF :) lol what can I say I love looking good and making my body feel so good, but over all I LOVE MAKING YOU CUM!!