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       kinky much?

I have the burning desire to have you at my feet. I wanna dominate you and make you mine. Tie you down and make you beg more and more for it until you absolutely couldnt bare it anymore and even still i wouldnt stop. You would be begging me for mercy, and as your reward you eat my sweet pussy and u eat it until you make me cum over and over again .

And every time i cum you thank me for the opportunity to taste me and you tell me how much you worship me and how u wan me to spank my little bitch boy to remind you who is in charge and why

       My desire for a beautiful woman's touch💋

I've always liked women from a very young f age. The way they make you feel sexually two women having their soft bodies against each other in a world of pleasure is the best it really is. I desire a woman every moment I can even though I have a partner a woman will always be my fantasy my reality. I'm not afraid to be with a woman and I pride myself on making her feel so good I blow her mind👅