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BBW Denise Performer Blog

       Sleep Orgasm

I have never had this happen to me before but have anyone of you ever had a sleep orgasm. I know guys have "WET DREAMS" but is it even possible for women to get them??? I guess they can or I am just a rare kind because I had one tonight that felt so damn REAL. I woke up with my pussy tingling and pumping out cum and I mean tons of that gooey sticky CUM coming out or my wet fat cunt. Right before I woke up to this orgasm I was dreaming that I was being fucked in the ASS with a big FAT BLACK MONSTER COCK. Now you know how big those bad boys are and with feeling it pumping into my plump fat ass it made my pussy POP and I mean REALLY POP. I woke up and looked at my sleeping husband and thought should I wake him up and tell him or should I just sit here soaked and enjoy the moment...

       The Incredible Shrinking Man

You have had the hots for me and never seem to leave me alone with you constantly coming over and acting like you are just being a good neighbor when I know you are wanting something more. So to teach you a little lesson you will be under my control with a simple drink.

I offer you a drink and see you start having the effects of this potentate drink I gave you. You start to feel funny and then start seeing everything getting bigger when actually you are getting smaller and smaller by the second. That drink causes you to shrink down to a tiny little piss ant. As I pick your little body up into my bedroom and onto my bed you see my Giantess BBW body standing over you seeing me strip down naked and lay up on that bed. As you are standing at the end of the bed with no way to escape I tell you if you want to grow back in size you must work for it. If you can somehow make yourself up to my neck to grab this antidote then you can grow back to normal size. I dare you.

Do you take the dare? Do you think you have what it takes to get the antidote trying to avoid entering the dark abyss of my BIG FAT PUSSY or get squeezed running through the tunnel of my BIG JUICY MOUNDS without getting snatched up just to get eaten by your Giantess?

If you think you can handle the challenge and can get this antidote off my neck I will double dog dare you.

BBW Denise

       Join The BBW Club

I started a new club called the BBW Club. I want all boys and girls, straight or bi who love a little meat on their bones and a whole lot of woman to pleasure themselves with some hot BBWs, including myself. We have something more special then an ordinary thin, flat chested girl can offer. BIG breasts, curvy thick thighs, luscious ass and a heart that can make you melt over us HOT babes. Wishing you found someone like us before to get off on.

If you want to come join the hottest BBW’s here then call me and let me give you everything you dreamed of from a hottie like me.

BBW Denise

       Face Sitting

I know how much you love a nice plump rounded piece of ass to play with. Have you found the bbw girl that is perfect for you to play with? If not I am just the right size for you to devour your face into. I would love to make you my special ass boy for the night and maybe be mine forever if you have me. My favorite thing to do guys like you is to tie you up on your bed with my nylons and flat on your back. Then I would just get right up in your face up close and personal with my ass cheeks on your face sitting on you, smothering you, forcing you to smell how sweet my big ass smells. Next force you to eat my ass with your tongue.

Tell me how do I taste darlin? Don’t my hot ass taste yummy? Come eat me up baby and lets have some face sitting tonight.

BBW Denise

       Fat Girl Sex

Well now I heard all about how you’ve been eye balling me wanting to get in my pants for months now. We all know though you are married now don’t we darlin. So why don’t you go fuck your wife instead of wanting my hot BBW body? What’s that? She isn’t as good and plump like me and doesn’t have that extra cushion for the pushion you say? Well now sounds to me you are needing some love handles to love on now don’t you…. MMMMMM I think we can make some kind of special arrangements to get together on our lunch break and have a little BBW phone sex fun in the back room or even in your office. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal without the wifey even have to know about your little sexual crush you have on this fetish phone sex hottie.

BBW Denise

       Good Ole Tit Fucking

Slide that cock between My big breasts and squeeze them together. Let Me squirt a little lube in between and start to masturbate that cock with My tits. Slide it deep and watch My tongue flick out and touch the tip of your cock.

Going faster and faster till you blow your load on My neck and lips, giving Me a pearl necklace.

BBW Denise

       BBW MILF Goddess

Nothin like having a little wholesome southern belle BBW MILF phone sex goddess for dinner with an extra spice of dessert for later. Skinny girls just don’t got what it takes to satisfy your needs like us big girls do. We have a lot more to offer and a lot more “cushion for the pushin”. Just think you could have this body right next to you every night cuddling and giving you that TLC you have been desiring. I would then slide underneath those blankets of yours and give you that nice long blowjob forcing my head to swallow that bad boy of yours. Next darlin I will saddle you up and ride that cowboy. Having me on top of you having you grab my big ass while I fuck your sweet cock. Call me if you want a nice BBW phone sex ride with me sweet thang.