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       Me and my sexy young blond girlfriend...PART ONE

We were freshly just blossoming.
She was beautiful, tall, blonde....I don't know what came over me...
She came over to hang out and work on a assignment for school.
I sat close to her on my bed, my little clit tingling forcing my moves.
My hand ventured to her thighs, ascending up.
My hand met her zipper, I lean in starting to kiss her neck.
She not pulling away and every word she speaks get more shaky, as I suck harder on her smooth white skin.
Part Two CUM SOON! or come call me.....
Sugabear Lisa

       Day at the Beach- THE ENDING!

I started squirting everywhere!
The Brunette was cumming so hard, she was shaking like a leaf, it felt amazing!
Having her cum so hard because of me, I then layed on my back and let the blonde sit on my face.
While she was eating me pussy, I began squirting all over her face.
The blonde had one sweet pussy, I licked her clit and that sweet plump ass.
Sliding my tongue deep in her and let her ride my face till she came so more.
I thought she was going to drown me, my lord it was a lot of cum!
Wow, was she turned on.
We formed a circle.
Continued fucking each other till we all came several times over.
When we finished finally, it was dark out.
We were all hungry and tired so, we all went our separate ways for the night.
It was an amazing day!
We all loved it so much, we went to the beach every weekend for the whole summer.
That was the best day at the beach ever.
I still have dreams about it.
Maybe when u read this and you dream about it you can join in!
Enjoy it!
I sure did, very much!
Sugabear Lisa

       Summer Solstice Weekend Surprise

Sugabear Lisa is a Summer baby.
Her sweet little pussy is a Leo, and her personality definitely matches it.
She Sweet Like sugar but has an attitude that could kill.
This Sweet little Freak has so many wants and desires.
So, This weekend is the First Weekend of them Summer my Naughty Babes!
Makes my head fill with very naughty memories...Yummy!
So In Celebration of those awesome Summer's....I Present you....
Sugabear Wants to Get Naughty, she is offering you all her call packages at $1.25 per min.
She also has some very naughty new videos in her store!
$1.25 per minute is an AMAZING RATE! for this 5 STAR BABE!
She has some amazing Feedback and would love you to join her amazing group of lucky men and women she service.
As Always there are NO LIMITS...Sugabear Lisa Loves to PLAY! and anything she hasn't done yet is always willing to TRY :)
Thanks for being Awesome Reader!
Happy Summer Solstice!
Sugabear Lisa

       Day at the beach – PART THREE

I started kissing the blonde girl while squeezing her nice perky tits.
The other girl was behind me, kissing my neck and down my back.
I turned and gave her a nice kiss.
Grabbing her huge double-d tits, I took her top off sucking on her sweet nipples.
While rubbing the blonde’s pussy with my other hand, she snuck her fingers deep in my tight pussy.
Thrusting them in deeper and deeper, my pussy getting dripping wet.
Laying the brunette down, pulling her bottom off kissing my way down her amazing body.
Till I got to that nice shaved pussy!
I was right, she tasted sooo good!
I was licking her sweet hard clit, then put two fingers deep into her.
Thrusting them in while eating her sweet pussy!
Letting the sweet pussy juice run down my face.
The blonde got behind me.
Pulling my bottoms off and licking my pussy from behind while I leaned on my knees.
I started squirting, drenching the poor girls face in pussy cum.
She started eating my tight little ass at that point!
Cum Back In A Couple Days For the Fourth Part of this Amazing Story!
Sugabear Lisa

       QUIET!! My Husband is Sleeping

Well I figured I would take a intermission from the regular EROTIC blogs I write. The latest one is Day on the Beach YOU should CHECK IT OUT!
Right this minute my husband is laying next to me. Sleeping.
South Park is on the television, and I'm sitting here all alone!
Been working all day, Ready to Relax.... Now a little background, My husband is 20 years older then me.
YES I love me some older men!
The experience, the trust, the touch...Omg just sitting here thinking of all the descriptive words that describe my older but very sexy husband, these thoughts whisk my sense with the feeling of passion.
So much passion that in fact I can't help moving my hands across my skin on my chest, sliding my palms around my breast, feeling the goose bumps raise on my skin.
Placing my thumb and pointer finger on my soft pink nipple twisting it back and fourth.
God the sight of him turns me on!
Maybe I could just touch him gently?
Maybe I shouldn't?
I began to slide my other hand down my torso, feeling my silky smooth skin as I descended.
As I stare at his handsome face, I gazed my eyes further down to his pants.
To my surprise, it was starting to chub a little.
Was he having a good dream?
Is He watching me get naughty?
As my fingertips meet my clit.......
Why don't you call me and be my accomplice in this LIVE time story?
~Guide me to masturbate~ ~Tell me to take advantage of him~
Sugabear Lisa

       Day at the beach – PART TWO

I was in the water rubbing my pussy.
I was so into it!
I didn't notice I started moaning out loud.
They wanted to know what I was doing, (busted!!!lol)
I wasn't embarrassed at all!
I told them I would love to eat they're pussys.
They were drunk also so, it was easy to talk them into it.
We found a spot up the beach that was empty.
Layed out our blankets.
Come Back to Continue Reading
Day at the Beach -- PART THREE
Sugabear Lisa

       Day at the beach – PART ONE

It was a beautiful day, mid-summer.
Me and my two girlfriends went to the beach.
I was wearing my little blue bikini.
When wet you could see my nice supple tits.
You could see my sweet tight pussy clear as day!
My one girlfriend, she was a tall blonde that was wearing a thong bikini.
She had a nice tan that made her beautiful tits and ass, looked so tasty!
I wanted to rip it off and burry my face in her sweet pussy.
The other girl had a G-string on.
You could literally see her shaved pussy, with her plump pussy lips coming right through it.
She was a brunette with huge Double-D tits and an ass to die for!
She was a short little thing, looking at these two made me so wet and horny!
We laid out in the sun for a while, drinking margaritas!
Started getting tipsy by the time we wanted to go swimming.
We were wrestling around, playing and grabbing on each other like little girls.
I would grab they're tits and they're sweet plump ass occasionally.
I even got a chance to feel one of they're sweet juicy wet pussy's.
I wanted to fuck them both so bad!
Right Here, Right Now!
Cum Back in a few days for the Next Installment of The Day at the Beach!!
Sugabear Lisa

       saved by my ass -- THE ENDING!

His cock was so deep in my pussy, become more swollen with every thrust.
My legs started shaking so bad from......
The multiple orgasms, I was having.
By that time he bent me over the counter.
My pussy swelled shut, he had to force his cock in and out.
I was still squirting everywhere.
It felt like I was high!
I couldn't believe it, he then so gently slid his dick into my tight sweet ass.
It hurt so bad at first!
But started feeling great after a few minutes.
I was coming so hard, I began to beg for more.
Asking him to fill my sweet pussy with his fingers as he dominated my tight ass.
He had to hold me up, my legs kept shaking and giving out, as the orgasms came more frequent.
He really rocked my world with the double penetration, I felt his cock getting fatter and fatter.
Feeling his fingers rub up against his cock through the thin piece of skin dividing them.
I felt him explode so deep into my ass.
When he pulled out, I could feel it running out of my ass and down my precious pussy.
He made my ass a yummy cream pie with the filling his cum.
That's when I rubbed my hand across my pussy ,getting his and my cum all over my fingers.
I licked every drop of the sweet juices from my fingers.
It was so yummy!
But by the time we were done, I left with lube, a new dildo and a few movies. :)
I now know why it's called a sex shop lol!!!

       saved by my ass – PART FOUR

I grabbed his hard-throbbing cock.
Grabbed his hand, sliding it up my skirt, so he could rub my soaked pussy.
It felt so amazing!
I pushed his face down to my sweet wet pussy, feeling his tongue running up and down my hard clit.
Sucking on my pussy lips, he ate my pussy so good!
To the point, I squirted all over his face drowning him in my sweet cum.
By then his cock was rock hard.
I thought his pants were going to burst open!
I pushed him back in the chair, after ripping his pants down to his ankles.
Slowly running my tongue up his hard shaft, cradling his huge balls in my little hands.
I rammed his cock into my mouth in and out, deeper and deeper.
Until I started gagging, that made him go nuts!
It didn't take long for him to explode in my little mouth.
He then threw me up on the counter, forcing his dick into my tight little pussy.
Stretching that pussy, his cock was so hard it barely fit.
I was so worked up, I started squirting immediately, as his mushroom head descended further in.
He keeps thrusting his cock in and out, faster and faster.
CUM BACK in a few more days for the ending of the naughty true tale.
Sugabear lisa

       saved by my ass – PART THREE

I walk into the sex shop, there was an older man at the register that greeted me.
I decided to flirt with the guy to hopefully get the lube I desperately needed.
As I began browsing the store, I seen him staring at me.
He wasn't a very good looking man, a little on the heavy side.
I didn't think it would be hard to get what I needed out of him.
I started bending over, trying to slickly show him my sweetly fresh shaven pussy.
While looking at stuff on the bottom shelf, I could hear him breathing heavy behind me.
I bent further over so my pretty little ass hole would shine through.
He got real excited!
Finally he spoke to me, he told me I had one tasty looking pussy and ass.
I told him my tits were nice too.
Pulling them out by just untying the knot.
By this time my pussy was wet, to the point I could barely stand walking towards the counter.
Because my clit was so sensitive!
I told him, I needed lube but didn't have any money.
I offered him to suck on my nice plump breast.
He agreed, he started licking my nipples.
I got so worked up!
CUM BACK in a couple days for the fourth part to this AMAZINGLY TRUE ADVENTURE
Sugabear Lisa

       saved by my ass – PART TWO

So, I put on my shortest skirt, my see through white button up shirt.
Just had it tied shut didn't button it at all.
I had no bra on, so u could see my hard nipples through my shirt.
I didn't put any panties on under the skirt.
Didn't want disgusting panty lines.
It was short enough to see my sweet pussy, looking in the mirror.
It look so Yummy!
This made me so horny! GOD I LOOK GOOD!
Everyone was looking at me while I was strutting through the parking lot.
Men were whistling at me, women giving me evil stares. JELIOUS MUCH!
It got me so hot and bothered that I didn't even realize, OH MY GOD!
I didn't bring any money with me.
Cum back in a couple days for the third part of this erotic true adventure!
Sugabear Lisa

       saved by my ass – PART ONE

Was a long day out with my parents, they had me very pissed off.
Trying to set me up on blind dates.
I hate that!
I'm a beautiful woman, I can get my man on my own.
When I finally got home, I wanted to relax.
I set up my candles up, got my dildo out.
An I began rubbing my freshly shaven pussy.
That whole time, I didn't realize I had any lube left.
I tried so hard to get every last drop out of that bottle I could.
So, I decided to take a trip to the local sex shop.
But of course I had to get dress first.
Kicking myself in the ass for not picking up some the day before
CUM back in a few days for PART TWO of this adventure that happened to ME!
Sugabear Lisa

       Mid-summer night Dream – The ENDING!

That’s when he picked me up, placing me on the counter again.
Pulling my legs up over his head, exposing my tight swelled pussy, forcing his cock in again!
He fucked me so good, my legs gave out, he filled my pussy full of his sweet cum.
When he pulled out, it started running down my pussy and across my sweet tight ass.
I could feel the wetness all around my ass, from me Squirting so hard!
It felt amazing!
What this stranger did to me, that’s when I woke up!
Realizing I was home, in bed alone.
My bed was soaked in my cum!
My pussy was so wet, that was one yummy dream!
I loved what he did to me and my sweet dripping wet pussy.
Maybe it was...maybe I was dreaming what was really happening to me while I was sleeping!
CUM play in my dreams with me. Lets see what naughty adventure we can get into.
Sugabear Lisa

       Mid-summers night dream – Part THREE

I jumped down, pulling his hard cock out.
Licking his shaft and balls so softly, so slowly.
For he could feel ever centimeter of my tongue skating across his shaft.
Before slowly sliding his throbbing hard dick deep in my throat, deeper and deeper till I was chocking! Gagging all over his meat!
When he finally came, he shot a load so big, I thought I was going to drown from it!
He bent me over the counter, ramming his hard throbbing cock into my tight swollen pussy.
Thrusting it in fast!
I was moaning and screaming in pure ecstasy.
Cumming over and over!
CUM back TOMORROW for the ENDING of the amazing naughty tale!
Sugabear Lisa

       Mid-summer night dream – Part TWO

We started kissing.
He was rubbing my hard-perky nipples, squeezing them so softly, kissing his way down my neck.
Descending my stomach, he pulled my panties down!
As he ran his tongue across my already soaking wet pussy.
It felt so good, I jumped on the counter!
Spreading my legs wide open for him to have full access to my sweet tight pussy.
His tongue made me start coming so hard, as he licked my pussy juices up, I moaned in ecstasy.
WOW! It felt so good!
CUM BACK TOMORROW for the 3rd Part to this naughty tale!
Sugabear Lisa

       Mid-summer night dream – Part One

I was just out of high school working, in a local 7-11, it was late!
When he came in and started talking to me.
He was handsome and nice.
As we were talking, I could see his cock growing in his pants!
He stared at my soft supple breast, it was late, so the store was empty!
I reached over and grabbed a handful of his meat.
As I spoke, “do u want some of this young tight pussy? “
He was all in!
Cum back tomorrow for the 2nd Part to this naughty tale!
Sugabear Lisa

       summer time lust – The ENDING!

I quickly got on my knees, licking his shaft, telling him to be gentle,
I was a virgin!
Ramming his dick down my throat faster, as deep as I could, gagging a lot!
*Thought I was going to get sick all over him.*
He pushed me on the couch, licking my wet pussy & sucking my sweet asshole, it felt amazing!
I came so hard, squirting all over his face, he mounted on top of me.
Forcing his huge throbbing cock into my virgin pussy! I started bleeding, screaming because it hurt so!! The more he thrusted the more I screamed in pain. After about 20 min he put me on my knees.
Sliding it in again, it started feeling good this time, I started coming so hard I couldn’t stop quivering. Squirting on his couch, it was soaked in pussy juice and blood!
He kept ramming his cock in faster and faster! He exploded inside my stretch swollen muff.
CUM was dripping out of my sore swollen pussy, it felt so amazing!
I keep fucking him for a year or two! hehehehe
 yummy older men
Sugabear Lisa

       summer time lust – Part TWO

So, I was watching his kid one hot night, his wife was out of town.
He had to work.
I put the kid to bed, proceeded to sit back on the couch in the living room, and watch t.v.
I see a pic of him, sitting on the end table, he’s in swim trunks, you could see his cock through them!
I got so wet!
I started rubbing and fingering my virgin pussy to the pic of him, right there on the couch.
I was so into it!
In the mist of all my naughty fun, I didn’t hear the door open... when I finally came!
Opening my eyes to my surprise, he was in the chair with his cock out, stroking it to me masturbating.
CUM back for the ENDING of this super naughty tale!!
Sugabear Lisa

       summer time lust – Part ONE

It was summer time, back when I was in high school.
I was 17, I started babysitting for friends of my parents.
There was this one man, he was Italian, nice dark tan, beautiful eyes and he was very built!
Every time he came near me my sweet virgin pussy got so wet.
I would have to go to the bathroom, start rubbing my clit very slowly. At first thinking of him, taking my virginity.
Making me his!
I would rub my hard clit till I came!
CUM back tomorrow for Part TWO of this amazing story!!! Stuff about to get real steamy in the summer heat!
Sugabear Lisa

       my train ride – The Endings!

I sat her down on the seat of the train car, spreading her legs wide.
Flipping her skirt up, sliding my fingers in her pussy.
Trusting them in and out of her, the pussy juices started sliding down my hand.
Sucking her rock-hard nipples, I look over noticing the man was watching in amazement!
I got down licking her sweet juicy pussy till she came all over me.
Looking up at the man to show him how a real woman eats a muff.
When she started sucking my tits, I could see the man pull his throbbing hard cock! It turned me on so! Watching him masturbate to me and her.
She started licking my soaked pussy, I called him over! Letting him ram his hard cock down my throat. He was average size.
Her eating my pussy had me squirting everywhere. It felt amazing!
We then layed him on the seat, I proceeded to straddled his face, while my friend rode his hard cock.
We switched around a few times before he exploded all over our faces! TAG TEAM!
It was one awesome train ride!
I must say me and my friend continued messing around for the rest of the time she was there!
But that’s another story in itself!
CUM Play with me and reminisce on this story with me or lets make our own!
Sugabear Lisa

       my train ride – Part TWO

It felt good, my sweet pussy started getting really, really wet from it.
I turned feeling her breast with my small little finger tips, while kissing her so passionately on her neck. Biting her ear so softly, whispering “you want me to lick that cunt right here you sexy little bitch”.
Her pussy immediately got wet once I spoke, as I had her pin to the wall I slid my hand up her dress.
Skating up her thigh across he silky soft skin, soft like a baby’s bottom.
My fingers finally met her lush’s pussy lips, mmmm how sexy they are.
I began to rubbing her wet pussy, she stood there moaning! That’s when the train showed up!
WE RAN to get to that train. Hahaha
We got on!
There was one guy on the train, so I didn’t mind picking up where we were rudely left off.
Sugabear Lisa

       my train ride – PART ONE

A girl I knew flew in, only staying for a few days.
When she got here, we went out to dinner and get some drinks, she is smoking hot!
With her long legs, beautiful perky tits and her face was like wow “captivating”.
We had a little too much to drink! (little did she know it was my plan all along)
She decided that we would walked to the subway. MMM that ass going down the steps!
The blue line train was the way to go home.
That ass going up and down as she bounced down the platform, I couldn’t resist, I had to play around! She was skipping by me, when I reached out grabbing her arm, pulling her close to my body.
She started grabbing my breast, I knew that naughty CUNT was teasing me!
Cum back tomorrow 4 the second half of this crazy tail! Hehehehe!
Sugabear Lisa

       naked in the snow – The Ending!

I started coming again, and again!
I came so many times from that dick, he knew how to work that thing!  Let me tell you! AMAZING!
My body was shacking so bad from multiple orgasms.
I was like a limp doll!
He rolled me over on my back, pulled my legs up around his neck, exposing my tender pussy.
Sliding his cock in again, thrusting it in so deep!
I could feel it in my stomach, he reached around descending his finger deep in my tight ass.
It felt so good!
I thought I was going to pass out from Cumming so much.
Then he started thrusting faster and faster, till he filled my soaked wet pussy.
He came so hard, it came squirting back out of my pussy!
He fucked me so good that day, we didn’t even notice the whole time it was cold!
We was naked in the snow.
MMMMM Cum warm my little pussy UP! CUM CALL AND PLAY WITH ME
Sugabear Lisa

       naked in the snow – Part Two

It was so tasty!
When he shot his load down my throat.
I ripped my panties down around my ankles, he started licking my clit.
Sliding his fingers in and out of my already soaked pussyhole.
I started moaning and screaming in ecstasy till I squirted all over his face.
I came so hard! I thought I was going to drown him!
He bent me over, shoving his huge cock into my tight wet pussy.
It felt so amazing!
Cum back tomorrow
AMAZING ENDING to this Naughty little story!
Sugabear Lisa

       naked in the snow—Part ONE

It was late December, around Christmas time.
I was in college at the time, me and some friends from school went on a skiing trip out the mountains.
It was so cold! (lol) but the lodge was nice and there was a lot of sexy hot men to choose from.
You could see they’re hard throbbing cocks through there snow pants.
My pussy immediately started getting wet!
I went to my room to change.
I put my short skirt on the one where u can just see the edge of my pussy!
It didn’t take long to pick me a cock out.
I took him out in the snow and right away!
I knelt on the slippery cold snow.
Finding his hard dick in my mouth.
I started ramming it down my throat as fast as I could.
Gagging on it every time, he had one huge cock!
CUM back tomorrow for the second half of this naughty college adventure!
Sugabear Lisa

       The storm made me do it – The Ending!

I pushed him down on his back.
Sat my pussy on his face and he started licking my clit so good!
I started sucking his huge cock again, till I came all over his face and he shot his load down my throat!
I climbed on his cock and rode that dick for a couple hours.
When we were done, I left without a word and went back to the club with my friends.
Thunder storms make me so horny! YUMMY and you will be too….
Cum play out this story or message me a Request! This CUMSLUT is at Your disposal!
Sugabear Lisa

       The storm made me do it – Part Two

I got him to walk me to my car by lying to him about me being stalked. (Such a naughty WHORE!)
We got into my car, I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was huge and throbbing!
I started to think it wouldn’t fit in my little pussy.
I got to my knees, pulling his meat out, ramming it down my throat!
He was shocked when I did this, it barley fit.
I was chocking and gagging on it!
CUM Back Tomorrow for the ending to this wild evening!!!
Sugabear Lisa

       The storm made me do it – PART ONE

It was a rainy summer night.
Me and my girlfriends went out for the night to the club.
I was fine till they made me start doing shots. (I know no one can make you lol)
One thing lead to another, my panties started getting really wet from my sweet tight pussy.
It was so sticky and wet.
So I went outside to try calm myself down, when I saw him.
This guy was tall, nice tan and dam hot!
I could see his half hard cock through his jeans.
my pussy got so dripping wet!
Part Two will CUM tomorrow....So stay tune for this 3 part naughty story! But for Now CUM PLAY WITH ME!
Sugabear Lisa

       There is a first time for everything!

There is a first time for everything, and as I look back in my short life the first that stands out the most is the first time I slept with an older man. It was a few years back, in the beginning of summer. Me and a friend arrived at his residence to purchase somethings. I walk through the front door and immediately sit at the kitchen table. This man walks around the corner, intimidating, seeming so powerful and mature. You could see in his face some age, definitely experience. You could see the nervousness on my face. As he came closer he hands me a blunt and goes "take this it looks like you need it". I take a hit and feel the overwhelming feeling of calm come over my body. we proceed with our transaction and he as me for my phone number. I giggled a little and gave it to him.
As I arrive home later that day, my phone goes off. It's HIM!
We traded a few words before the conversation turned. He continued to ask me if I ever been with an older man. An if I would be up to send him some photos? nervously I repeated for a price.
hook, line and sinker he was for it. I sneak up to my upstairs bathroom. Rubbing my little clit to make my pussy wet, bent over I took a picture of  myself from the bottom up. So he would get a full view of all the goodies he would soon have.
Later that night he asked me to come to his house, he is married at the time and it had to be when I could sneak in. The room was dark but I could see him sitting in the back corner. "Come here" he said.
"May I Touch that sweet juice pussy, just a quick feel." he said
"maybe I'm so nervous, I've never done anything like this" I replied
he pulls me close and slides his cold fingertips over my shorts. Sliding the shorts to the he meets my plump juicy pussy and realizes I have NO panties on, I lean up close to him as his fingers stroke my clit. He grabs my head and pulls it close for a kiss, so I descend my hands down his torso feeling his abs underneath my finger tips. The control he has, the feeling of being wanted for my sexiness was intense. I keep descending till I reach his nice hard throbbing cock......
This story is how me and that mystery man met....
Do you wanna be that mystery man and finish the story with me. Come make my pussy dripping wet and let me hear your ecstasy!
Sugabear Lisa  

       volunteering at the library yesturday....wondering what naughty thing happen there??

yesterday was such a beautiful day...warm and with the sunshine beating down on my supple body.....walking down the street trying to waste the day away I notice a volunteer sign outside the library...So I go in the library and get the volunteer gig. They place my apple bottom ass at the information desk. Go figurer place the hot piece of ass in front to attract more people to the library...that's cool with me though. As the day goes by a man approached the information desk...
"how can I help you today sir?" I ask.
"I'm looking for how to books, can u direct me to them" he asked back.
now of course I'm wearing a jean mini-skirt, as I walk around I can feel his eyes scanning me up and down. we walk to the back of the library and down a couple a few rows of books. Down to the end.
"the books are at the bottom of the shelf sir" I say to him.
"oh dear can you reach for them." he replies back.
so I go to bend over, an all of a sudden I feel a hand up my legs, startling me but at the same time turning me on.... he reaches up higher and feels my bare ass in his hands.
"ooo baby no panties on" he said.
I spin around and pin him to the rack of books behind us.
I say softly in his ear, " YOU gonna make me your naughty little slut" my pussy juice starting to secret down his hand. he pulls me close up against his body an continues to say "I'm gonna pound that pussy till you scream so loud"
I go to unzip his pants just to get a quick feel and OMG! his cock is huge.
Cum finish this story with me. If your a lady we can switch it around a bit.
SugaBear Lisa

       This little slut being so sinful...

Sunday evening, so cold and dark outside. home alone, not a sound in to be heard. As I climb in bed, I get this overwhelming feeling like a hand running up my leg....running chills up my back. The hand moves up around my lushes ass, that curves just like an apple. My swollen pink pussy starts to get a little wet with the intent of totally fucking this mysterious person, as the feeling move around my front and began rubbing my clit ever so softly...I open my eyes and all I can see is bright light shining in my face, with fear running intensely through my body I realize this fear is actually turning me on and on...getting me wetter and the light dim finally I could make out a figure. Its a man with this juicy thick cock before me, rubbing my pussy whispering in my ear..."YOU READY TO BE THE DEVILS LITTLE SLUT?"...

       rubbing my pussy till it squirts like a firehose…

thinking of all the naughty things that have been in my dreams lately….
as I fell asleep last night I felt a mysterious hand running up the covers…all dark, all alone laying in my bed.
the hand touching my foot, slowly running up my leg and then up onto my thigh. meeting the outer lips of my vagina.. the hand spread open my lips like a wedge…as his index finger rubbed my swollen clit my pussy whole started to secrete pussy juice…rubbing in a circular motion the secretion got more intense to the point it started flowing down my leg….the mysterious man guided his head up the covers to connected his mouth to my pussy…..WHO is the mysterious man.. COULD IT BE YOU?!?   CUM finish the story with me baby!

       Squirting like your caught in a downpour of rain….

The rain dripping down the roof, sliding down the gutter and dripping on the ground… makes my mind race with naughty thoughts. As it drips on the ground it makes me realizes my pussy is starting to drip yummy pussy juice down my leg. Imagine how juicy that pussy is, JUST FOR YOU! My tight, soft, plump MILF pussy is just waiting for your naughty fantasies. Wife/Husband at work or finally away to give us are secret alone time or even let them join. Just wanna chat & unload to this CUM SLUT.. then pick up that phone because this sex slave can’t release without YOU!