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       twin cunts

did you know what I did? I babysat some new little cunts. But not just any cunts…they’re the perfect little whores! Want to know why? They were twins…twin virgins. And at they were the STARS of my video I made. I thought it would be perfect… I thought it would make me some extra money and oh it did. Who doesn’t want to see two twin virgin cunts getting 100% violated?! It’s very popular…seeing little bitches getting all used up by tons and tons of guys. And that’s about half the reason I babysit! I wanna see these sluts cry.

       naughty girl i am

My brat sitting gig is just a cover up for abusing some young pussy and dick. I was sitting since I was a youngster myself so parents trusted me. What they didn’t know was that I drugged and violated every one of them. If I got caught, I’d fuck the daddy too. This youthful experimentation led me down the road to my own massage parlor and to becoming a predator. A very young and innocent looking one, at that.