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Mommy Melissa Performer Blog

       Cheating with the Moving Man

My neighbors were moving and had no clue they were leaving until I seen a BIG moving truck in their driveway. I wonder where they are moving to because I sure will miss sneaking around with the neighbor while my cuckold bitch is working.

Wait never mind about my neighbor who the fuck is that coming out of the truck! He was a HOT muscular man with arms of steel and a bulge to fall for. Hmmm maybe I should introduce myself and have him show me his goods, the whole package. I am yearning for some different cock then what I have been getting lately which his looks good for the taking.

I love cheating on my cuckold bitch and he knows it. 😀

~*~ MILF Melissa ~*~

       Show And Tell

Mommy has a special little girl who is my sissy baby girl. I love how she shows me the little dresses I put on her with her white tights and buckle dress shoes. There is something special about this girl because she loves sneaking into Mommy’s panty drawer. She loves smelling my panties because I wash my panties with her detergent “drift” with her cloth diapers and her girly baby toddler clothes.

One night when it was diaper changing time I took off her cloth diaper and seen she stuffed three of my g-string silky undies in the front of her diaper. That wasn’t all because she even cummed on them because she loved the feel of the silk rubbing on her little twinkie to make that small cock hard, just get another diaper changer.

Now just like school you have show-n-tell and I want my baby girls to show and tell what Mommy makes her wear and do. I love bringing my baby girls shopping inside baby stores and have you sitting inside a shopping cart showing off how cute you look in girlie baby clothes and little bonnets with pink bows to all the girls and Mommies in the store. Showing you off and telling them how much a little sissy baby you are, who still has to wear cloth diapers.

~*~ Mommy Melissa ~*~

       Drifting My Baby To Sleep

I met the sweetest little baby in our phonesex chatroom the other day. I dressed him up in a cute yellow onesie with fresh thick cloth diapers. He likes to rub his sweet little hands over the smooth crinkles of the rubber diaper pants. With his sweet chubby legs poking out of his diaper I grab his little feet, slide on some crochet’d booties.

If my sweet baby is acting fussy, I just lean into him and press his face into my bosom and put my nipple in his mouth. A little something warm, to warm his belly and get him to be nice and calm. coo’ing and watching my sleepy baby drift off into nitey nite time in my arms.

This is my favorite time with my sweet baby. Everything is peaceful and quiet, no one to disturb me and my little baby boy….

~*~Mommy Melissa~*~

       I Will Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

I love touching my wet pussy especially after having a nice fuck when a guy has just cam inside my juicy cunt. However with you being the new guy around town, you seem way to shy to show me how you stroke that shaft of yours and how large your balls are. There is no need to be shy around me because I don’t bite. How about I will show you my tight cunt if you show me your hard cock at the same time so it will be easier to play with each other.

We can sit on your bed and gradually help you tug away at that big cock of yours. If you have small peters I can work with that pathetic little dick of yours. 😀 I want the both of us reach our climax together while we are playing with our sexual organs. Then once you have cam and I have also, lets share each others juices and taste how yummy we are.

~*~ MILF Melissa ~*~

       Hot Anal Sex with Melissa

Hi I’m Melissa a very sexy slut that love to give blow jobs. I love to deep throat that nice big hard cock. When you have not have any for a while and you have blue balls then you can come to me and will take care of you. I will even let you give it to me in my ASS!

So if you looking for slut that will try any thing at least once, here I am!

With No Limits and No Taboos!

Give me a call.


       Loves to Tease You

I’m going to get you so hot, so worked up with desire that your body submits to me completely. You will want me more than anything you’ve ever wanted before, but I’m not going to give you what you want… right away anyway. I’m going to tease you to the brink of a hard…. juicy…. orgasm…. and then I’m going to stop, making that feeling of bliss go away.

You’ll want it back, you’ll beg me to continue, to touch you and tease you some more. Tease you with my soft lips, my warm wet tongue, my fingertips and my gorgeous ass. I’ll slide my pussy up and down your hard cock until you can’t take it anymore and you just want to take me right then and there…



You think you got what it takes to get me to moan nice and loud for you. It will take more then just you telling me to moan or expect me to get off with touching my pussy. I need some help with you getting excited and hearing your heavy breathing on the other end knowing you are stroking on your cock.

Once I know you are stroking and touching your cock then you may get me going enough to get me touching my wet pussy, rubbing and finger fucking myself. MMMMM you know how much a woman enjoys their own juices.

You think you can get me excited to scream your name and get me to my ultimate climax and cum for you. If you think you got what it takes then give me a call and show me you can get me to moan and scream out “FUCK ME!“

~*~ MILF Melissa ~*~

       Making you feel Sexy

I know it is hard to feel sexy and hot alone. You need guidance and encouragement to get you to that point. Describe to me the touch of the panties you are wearing.

Have a nice nightie on? MMM I love hearing you get excited over the nightie or even a sexy satin bra touching your nipples. I bet they are hard like your cock is right now.

I want to rub my hands over your satin g-string while your cock gets really hard. You are moaning and groaning, getting ready to burst out of those panties. Oh how yummy that would be to have you cum inside your panties and have me sniffing your wet panties and tasting them to. Sounds different instead of you being the one sniffing and tasting my panties.

I will take over your cock and your panties. Oh and did I say how sexy you look in them to???? 😀

       I sure could use a fuck buddy tonight?

It’s a cold night here, I’m all snuggled up in my bed writing this by candle light with some soft music playing in the background. I’m feeling so very sexy and turned on right now. I can feel the burning heat in between my thighs and it makes me want to spread my legs as wide as possible. How about we exert some energy and release those inner dirty demons?

Should I do it, baby? Should I spread my legs just for you?

Give me a call and tell me how you like it. I’ll give it to you just right! I need a hot phone sex fuck, to make my tight horny mature pussy cream all over my fingers. Want to listen to me suck them clean?

       It's Laundry Day!

My washer and dryer just took a crap and sure need to get my dirty wet panties washed. Guess it's down to the local laundry mat to get my panties washed. All my clothes are dirty so I guess I will just have to go wearing my silky nightie with no panties on underneath till I get them cleaned and washed. Not sure who will be at the Washtovia this late at night but I am sure no one is going to notice this hot milf wearing nothing but a silky nightie out in public. Then again I wouldn't be surprised if there be a young pervert peeping tom on me while I am washing my wet dirty panties. If so I'll give them a show that they will have wet dreams to look forward to tonight.

       Where are all my adult babies?

Today I took the time to deep clean the nursery after the last adult baby decided to make a BIG mess with all their toys, messy diapers and baby oil. Now I know you have been a very bad bad baby with finding all of Mommy's baby oil all over your messy diapers that you had laying all over the nursery. *Tsk Tsk Tsk* Now that the nursery is squeaky clean I need My adult babies back to play and be nurtured by their Mommy.

Don't forget about your feeding time and nap time babyboys and my babygirls!