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Mistress Carrie Performer Blog

       Adult Theaters

There's an adult theater about two hours away that I love to go to. I went there last Friday with the intention of just masturbating and watching people fuck, yet somehow I ended up in a booth.

As I was sucking off a guy through the glory hole, who was at least 8 inches, another man walked in. Before I could turn around to jerk him off though, he lifted up my skirt and began to fuck my cunt. Without a condom. I wanted to turn and make him put on a condom, but let's be honest here: fucking without one is a million times more enjoyable. So I let him do it as I continued to suck the guy off, and within minutes both men emptied their balls into my holes.

I may go back this weekend.

       Gang Bang

I invited my ex-boyfriend over this past weekend for dinner. I honestly didn't think anything would happen, especially since he was engaged and in town for his wedding. But he ended up bringing his entire bachelor party over and I became their entertainment. Things didn't go as planned...

       Cum Addiction

While there are plenty of girls who refuse to swallow, I'm the complete opposite. I actually get angry if the guy I'm blowing doesn't produce a lot of cum. It's not just sexual, either.

I've been drinking cum for many, many years. I'll be glad to tell you when I started during a phone call. Just one sip had my body craving it. Eventually it was all I could think about.

That's when I began spending my free time at the glory holes.

One weekend in particular stands out. I worked across the street at a restaurant as a waitress. Even though employees got free food, I used to always sneak to the glory hole and eat cum on my breaks. From Friday through Sunday, on my breaks and after work, I ate nothing but cum from that glory hole.

Sperm has plenty of protein and I firmly believe that more women should give it a try. I'd love to be in a relationship with a man who could feed me enough to live on. That means breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I'd also like some in my morning coffee, too.

One day, I keep telling myself. One day.

       Back to the Glory Hole

I found myself reminiscing about the glory hole last night. I hadn't been there in years, not after leaving that awful waitressing job. So I snuck out of the house around midnight and went dow there.

It was just as I remembered it. Several rooms with the sounds of people fucking coming from within. I chose one in the middle that had a hole on each side. It wasn't long before men filled both of the other rooms.

I started to suck the one cock and struggled to reach the other one with my hand, but couldn't. So the other guy came into my room, pushed me against the wall and filled me with his cock. Fuck, it felt so good! He didn't use a condom, either.

Just as he was filling my cunt with his cum, the other guy filled my mouth with his. Both of them just left when they were done, reminding me that I'm nothing more than a set of holes to fill with cum.

I'm going back again tonight.

       Passed Out at the Glory Hole

I went to the glory hole last night. It's like an attraction that I can't pull away from. This time, when I pulled up, I saw two big black men going inside. I haven't had a black cock in ages, so I had to think quickly.

As they were hovering around the BBC DVD section, I casually walked by and winked at one of them. He was gorgeous. Typical big, black guy with a shaved head and massive arms. I knew he was packing down below.

And I was right. AFter some mild flirtation, which included me recommending a porn where a woman took 5 BBC's at once, I made my way to the back. I knew they'd follow me.

Instead of them each going into a room though, they followed me into mine.

They didn't say a word as they helped me rip off my clothes and get me on my knees. I looked up at them through my false eyelashes as I gagged and sucked their massive cocks one at a time. I didn't think I'd get fucked, but one of them got behind me and slid it in.

It barely fit.

They proceeded to fuck me for a good 10 minutes before filling me with cum. Afterwards they merely left and I was tired, so I fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later to three big, black cocks in my room, each taking their turn with me.

       BBC Breeding

Women are whores who only purpose in life is to be bred. I was reminded of that last night.

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard several loud knocks on my door. I looked through the peephole and saw several black men in the hallway. My clit immediately hardened.

I knew they wouldn't be gentle, though.

I carefully opened the door with the chain still across, but they broke it and made their way inside, grabbing me by the hair and throwing me onto my bed. Even though I was incredibly turned on, I begged them to at least use a condom.

They just laughed while getting undressed.

The first cock was over 11 inches and I struggled to take it all in.

"Take this black dick, you filthy white whore!"

I tried to answer, but another black cock was shoved down my throat just as I opened my mouth.

Want to know the rest? Call me.

       Humiliate Me

Put me in a dog collar and leash, then force me to walk around on all fours and suck off every cock in the room. Feed me dozens of cocks. Call me out on being a fake feminist. Show the world how hypocritical I really am.

       Cum Addiction - Can You Supply It?

I don't like to hide my cum addiction, which is why I need a man who can give it to me. It's just so hard to find someone who can cum 3-5 times a day.

Is that you?

Cum has protein and my personal trainer has me on a strict diet. When I inquired about good protein sources, he kind of shifted in his shoes. That's when I saw his cock poking out through his boxer shorts.

I immediately blew him off on the weight bench. But he can only cum once a day.

So if you're someone who can cum multiple times, please contact me. I see my personal trainer five days a week in the morning, so breakfast is covered. I'm looking for a man for lunch, dinner and hopefully two snacks. While I have a thing for older men, I've found that guys aged 18-25 can cum this much.


Carrie xoxo