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Lorna Loves Littles . Performer Blog

       Sunday Chill

Hey my favorite sick fucked up perverts! Lorna is here to make your Sunday a bit more relaxing and fun! I know you need something tight and young to fuck... and I have exactly what you need! Cum call me and see what I have to offer!

       Little Lover

I love hearing from all you little lovers out there! We have so much in common. It's easy to find your own sweet treat to fuck, and I love making it even easier than that. With so many choices, you know you'll find a tight wet bald cunt you love to fuck!


I have a nice little thing I found today when I was out at the beach. She lost her mommy and daddy, but now she has me. I will be so merciless in her grooming to be my little fuck toy. The best part is when I get to share her will all of my sicko friends just like you guys!


I love going to the park. It gives me a chance to scope out some hot littles. It's one of my greatest pleasures, seeing them running around. There is always a little skirt that goes flying up, so you get a bird's eye view of those cute panties.

       I Want To Know

I want to know what gets you guys off. If there is one thing I enjoy it's listening to you get excited while you tell me about your little whore you want to bone. I'm always good at making plans to help you fuck her hard when her mommy and daddy are gone for the day...


I know you're thinking about that tight wet cunt. You saw her at the park just like I did. She was showing off her little panties while she was swinging back and forth. That got me so hot and horny... and I could see the bulge in your pants too! I love how much we think a like baby!

       Jerk Off

Jerking off with littles is the best way to blow off some steam. Nothing more inviting than a nice, tight wet hole after a hard day's work. She will scream as you use and abuse her body to blow off some steam. I love helping you force the shrieks out of her body, it gets me so turned on!

       Pussy Tribbing

Today, I got to play with a very special young little thing. She was so tiny, and I want to introduce her to daddy's cock. However, I decided a little "girl time" would be fun! I taught her how to rub cunts with me so her pussy could inhale my sweet wet juices. I know daddy is going to be pleased with my instruction, hehe.

       Fuck Meat

Do you crave something tiny and sweet to ram your huge daddy sized cock into? I know I do! That's why I'm always bringing you the best of the best to fuck and play with! We can get really vile and nasty, torturing that young bald cunt!

       Monday Blues

I know it's the start of a new week... but that doesn't mean your cock can't get hard and excited over my new "little" treat. I'm always cumming up with new and fun ways to abuse the tiny fuck meat I bring home for our pleasure! I'm so wet just imagining the nasty abuse.

       Tuesday Night

Just a boring old Tuesday... until you get home and find the little I nabbed up for us to fuck. It's such a sweet fuckable treat for a daddy's throbbing hard cock. Pumping in and out, tearing that hymen up... such a nasty start for this week!

       Love My Littles

I've got some little tight cunt treats for a big fat littles fucking cock! I know you are dying to feel the inside of that tight, wet cunt! I need something to smack my cunt lips into as well. I'm sure we will make a great tag team babe!

       Tiny Clit

I got to play with a little clit today. I sucked on it so hard... I made it nice and red! I got my lipstick all over that young slut. Her daddy was so proud of of well I violated her! I'm such an expert whore!

       Little Love

I love playing with my littles, they have sweet little mouths that suck on my clit so hard! I know they will please your cock as much as they please my cunt. We can both be very nasty together with our tiny wet holes. I need a man as nasty as me to help me fuck as many as possible!