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Wet Wendy Down Under . Performer Blog

       Mommy Down Under

I bet you love it when mommy plays with that young cock. I get so much pleasure out of having you help me with my punishments. You spoil me by using that cum filled cock to violate a nice tight asshole!

       Playing with the boys

I was thinking about how much fun I have playing with the boys... teasing their cocks and making them hard. It reminds me of how my ex and I would spend rough nights fucking our brains out! I so want to relive that experience with you babe!

       Hot Aussie Mommy Wants You

This is your Aussie mommy Wendy! I love getting nasty down under! Phone sex is one of my passions... as I can't resist being a naughty phone sex whore! It just makes my cunt drip all night long! I hope we get to act out your latest snuff or age play fantasy... I love anything dark and nasty!