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Twisted MILF Melinda Performer Blog

       Twisted Phone Sex Perversions

I know you have them, so do I. We all do. I also know that you're looking for a total deviant who has NO limits and REALLY means it! Someone who will NEVER say no, no matter how filthy and fucked-up those perversions may be. Whether it is the kidnapping and raping of the youngest pink hole or the impregnation and breeding of tiny teen fuck-sluts. Maybe your cock gets hard thinking about having incest with Mommy and Daddy or needing to become extremely violent and having to torture and snuff out some whore.

So if you truly are twisted and depraved like myself, then give me a call. Nothing is too extreme or perverted for me!

       Sick and Twisted Phone Sex

I'm a nasty kinky twisted mommy whore who loves all age play scenarios. If you're looking for someone with an excellent imagination, who is extremely detail oriented and talkative, then you've found the slut for you! Use me, breed me, take advantage of my little ones, fuck all of our tight holes, do anything you want to us, the sicker the better! Any fucked up twisted fantasy is welcome.

       Accomplice Phone Sex

I know you've been staring at the little girl down the street and all of the depraved thoughts running through your mind. Your cock gets hard every time you see her in all of those cute little girl outfits. You try to repress your filthy fucked-up desires, but you just can't help yourself. You WANT her, you want to do criminal things to her young body. Oh how that little bald pussy must feel and taste on your tongue...

I'll be your no taboo accomplice phone sex Mommy, so give me a call and let's violate that virgin!

       Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

I walked in on my teenage son while he was jerking off and I just had to have his cock! It was so fucking hard and I couldn't help but reach out and grab it. I began stroking up and down and my nipples started getting rock hard, just like his big hard cock. I know I should have turned around and left the room, but being the horny mommy that I am, I didn't and ohh what happened next was criminal!

       Jerk Off In Public Phone Sex

Are you a total jerk off junkie? Are you addicted to masturbating? Do you touch yourself in public? Does the idea of getting caught excite you? Does your cock get hard in the most inappropriate places? Do you feel the need to masturbate whenever the urge strikes? Do you get turned on by extreme depraved taboo fantasies? Do you like to eat your own cum or feed it to others without their knowledge? Maybe you just like to be humiliated and laughed at and told what a sick, fucking pervert you are!

Call me NOW and jerk off from anywhere!

       Cuckolding Phone Sex

I have a HUGE load of creamy cum in my pussy and I need a nasty cum slut to clean it all up! You know you LOVE getting the sloppy seconds - it makes your little dick rock hard. OH how you wish you had a real man's cock so you could fuck me too - BUT you're a pathetic loser with a tiny insignificant nub between your legs and all you can do is watch. Cum on, give me a call and be my filthy cucky boy for the day :)

       Tiny Pink Fuck-Holes

I know you LOVE them, so do I! There's nothing better than a fresh piece of virgin fuck-meat to use and abuse. ANY age nasty extreme young fun is what your cock is throbbing for and I'm the filthy MILF accomplice that can supply you with what you need!

       Taboo Phone Sex

NO Taboo, Limits or Restrictions - Anything Goes!

Age Play Phone Sex
Accomplice Phone Sex
Mommy Phone Sex
Breeding Phone Sex
MILF Phone Sex
Snuff Phone Sex
Rape Phone Sex
Lactation Phone Sex

Give Me A Call - You Won't Regret It!

       Toilet Phone Sex

I know you LOVE the smell and taste of dirty assholes. I'm going to sit on your face and smother you with my fat ass and suffocate you with my raunchy shit-hole. My stink-hole is waiting for your tongue! Clean my dirty ass you filthy toilet slave!

       Incest Phone Sex

I walked past the bathroom and the door was open and I can't believe I saw his cock! It was about 7 inches and rock hard. I couldn't stop staring at it. It looked sooo fucking good! I start to rub my erect nipples over top of my slinky nighty and thought OMG this is wrong, what kind of Mother am I? But I just keep looking at him stroking it in the shower and realized my pussy was dripping. I started to touch myself between my legs and wished I could feel my sons cock deep inside of my tight fuck-hole...