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-------Comment By  M.K. ULTRA . (Model)

Comment : Greg is my favorite pedophile! He's the best chyld phucker there is. Thank you Patti, for creating such a magnificent pedophile!
On Date : 06-May-18 12:26:14 

-------Comment By  Mother Of All Demons Lyra . (Model)

Comment : Greg is such a pedo and satan is proud to bestow his power upon him and lend his demons to him to do his mighty pedophile deeds!
On Date : 05-Mar-18 13:32:29 

-------Comment By  Sabrina Cash o (Model)

Comment : Greg, you are a pedophile kingpin who will stop at nothing to be the best baby fucking pedophile ever! Will be casting some dark spells on your behalf and aligning you with the darkest of the dark!
On Date : 13-Feb-18 13:02:09 
Showing 1 - 3 Records Of 6 12