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Naughty Man is a Phone Sex Customer, not a Performer.

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-------Comment By  M.K. ULTRA . (Model)

Comment : Naughty Man always makes me squirt. I love how we talk about inflicting pain to lil cunts who have it coming. Hearing you get off on thier misery makes my pussy have epilepsy! Cant wait to phone bang with you again! xooxo MK Ultra
On Date : 03-Jan-19 18:27:00 

-------Comment By  Sexy Sarah R (Model)

Comment : Hey Naughty Man! Thank you for adding me! I really hope we get to chat soon, I can't wait!
On Date : 13-Dec-18 05:17:12 

-------Comment By  Angelicious ~ Superfreak Get Wicked! (Model)

Comment : Wonderful time chatting with you, this guy is one in a million!!

Awesome Caller, call back any time babe <3 <3
On Date : 29-Oct-18 00:36:31 
Showing 1 - 3 Records Of 4 12