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Uncensored Phone Sex Sam I am Yes I am

the real fucking deal. SAM IS A STONE COLD FOX AND A MASTER-LEVEL FANTASY INDULGER, SUPER COOL, SUPER CREATIVE, AND ABSOLUTELY NON-JUDGEMENTAL. Sam I Am goes as nasty taboo perverted as you wanna get, she will 100% take u there and FAR BEYOND... NOT FOR THE ROOKIES, NOT FOR THE PRUDES, AND NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART! (DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE HYPOCRITICALY RELIGIOUS, THE PERVERSE-AVERSE, OR THE SIN-CHALLENGED... you types better just go back to your church Sunday school singles service) (just wish she would have some specialty prices for her regulars) SAM. DOES. NOT. DISAPPOINT. BEYOND YOUR DARKEST FANTASIES and MOST SECRET DREAMS AND BIDE5N DESIRES.

May 08, 2021